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func CreateName

func CreateName(scs *state.ContractState, tx *types.TxBody, sender, receiver *state.V, name string) error

func ExecuteNameTx

func ExecuteNameTx(bs *state.BlockState, scs *state.ContractState, txBody *types.TxBody,
	sender, receiver *state.V, blockInfo *types.BlockHeaderInfo) ([]*types.Event, error)

func GetAddress

func GetAddress(scs *state.ContractState, name []byte) []byte

GetAddress is resolve name for mempool

func GetNameInfo added in v1.3.3

func GetNameInfo(r AccountStateReader, name string) (*types.NameInfo, error)

func GetOwner

func GetOwner(scs *state.ContractState, name []byte) []byte

func Resolve

func Resolve(bs *state.BlockState, name []byte) []byte

Resolve is resolve name for chain

func SetContractOwner added in v1.0.0

func SetContractOwner(bs *state.BlockState, scs *state.ContractState,
	address string, nameState *state.V) (*state.V, error)

func UpdateName

func UpdateName(bs *state.BlockState, scs *state.ContractState, tx *types.TxBody,
	sender, receiver *state.V, name, to string) error

UpdateName is avaliable after bid implement

func ValidateNameTx

func ValidateNameTx(tx *types.TxBody, sender *state.V,
	scs, systemcs *state.ContractState) (*types.CallInfo, error)


type AccountStateReader added in v1.3.3

type AccountStateReader interface {
	GetNameAccountState() (*state.ContractState, error)

AccountStateReader is an interface for getting a name account state.

type NameMap added in v0.12.0

type NameMap struct {
	Version     byte
	Owner       []byte
	Destination []byte

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