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var (
	ErrBadRequest           = &Err{"bad_request", 400, "Bad request", "Request body is not well-formed. It must be JSON."}
	ErrUnauthorized         = &Err{"unauthorized", 401, "Unauthorized", "Access token is invalid."}
	ErrNotFound             = &Err{"not_found", 404, "Not found", "Route not found."}
	ErrNotAcceptable        = &Err{"not_acceptable", 406, "Not acceptable", "Accept HTTP header must be \"application/vnd.api+json\"."}
	ErrUnsupportedMediaType = &Err{"unsupported_media_type", 415, "Unsupported Media Type", "Content-Type header must be \"application/vnd.api+json\"."}
	ErrInternalServer       = &Err{"internal_server_error", 500, "Internal Server Error", "Something went wrong."}


func AcceptHandler

func AcceptHandler(next http.Handler) http.Handler

Returns an error if the Accept HTTP header is not "application/vnd.api+json".

func Body

func Body(r *http.Request) interface{}

Body(r *http.Request) is a function to get the decoded body from the request context

func BodyHandler

func BodyHandler(v interface{}) func(http.Handler) http.Handler

Decodes a request body into the struct passed to the middleware. If the request body is not JSON, it will return a 400 Bad Request error. Stores the decoded body into a context object.

func ContentTypeHandler

func ContentTypeHandler(next http.Handler) http.Handler

Returns an error if the Content-Type HTTP header is not "application/vnd.api+json".

func Error

func Error(w http.ResponseWriter, err *Err)

Encodes the error into JSON, sets the adequate Content-Type HTTP header and set the status code related to the error.

func LoggingHandler

func LoggingHandler(next http.Handler) http.Handler

Logs every request.

func New

func New() *mux.Mux

New() returns a new mux with handlers useful to create JSON APIs.

func RecoverHandler

func RecoverHandler(next http.Handler) http.Handler

If the code panics, it logs the error and returns a 500 Internal Server Error error.

func Write

func Write(w http.ResponseWriter, v interface{})

Encodes the response into JSON and sets the adequate Content-Type HTTP header.


type Err

type Err struct {
	Id     string `json:"id"`
	Status int    `json:"status"`
	Title  string `json:"title"`
	Detail string `json:"detail"`

Err contains more information than standard go errors to create useful error messages for API consumers.

func (Err) Error

func (err Err) Error() string

Err implements the error interface.

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