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LocalFile Plugin

The LocalFile Plugin appends each flush as TSV data to a specified file on the local system. Since the file path is not parametrized with regards to date or time, the file with the TSV data should be rotated, processed, or removed to avoid problems with filling the disk.

You can enable the LocalFile plugin by setting the flush_file key in the configuration to a file path. The path must be writeable by Veneur, and if the file does not exist, Veneur will try to create it.




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const Delimiter = '\t'

Delimiter defines what kind of delimiter we'll use in the CSV format -- in this case, we want TSV


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type Plugin

type Plugin struct {
	FilePath string
	Logger   *logrus.Logger
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Plugin is the LocalFile plugin that we'll use in Veneur

func (*Plugin) Flush

func (p *Plugin) Flush(ctx context.Context, metrics []samplers.InterMetric) error

Flush the metrics from the LocalFilePlugin

func (*Plugin) Name

func (p *Plugin) Name() string

Name is the name of the LocalFilePlugin, i.e., "localfile"

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