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func AskYes

func AskYes(question string, defaultYes bool) (isYes bool)

AskYes prompt a yes/no question to the prompt

func DefaultIfEmptyInt

func DefaultIfEmptyInt(v *int, defaultV int)

DefaultIfEmptyInt set the value of an int to a default if it is nulled (0)

func DefaultIfEmptyStr

func DefaultIfEmptyStr(s *string, defaultS string)

DefaultIfEmptyStr set a default for a string if it is nulled

func DefaultIfEmptyUint64

func DefaultIfEmptyUint64(v *uint64, defaultV uint64)

DefaultIfEmptyUint64 set the value of an int to a default if it is nulled (0)

func GenerateSecret

func GenerateSecret() string

GenerateSecret generate a string that can be used as secrete api key

func IsEmptyStr

func IsEmptyStr(s string) bool

IsEmptyStr tells if a string is empty or not

func IsEqStr

func IsEqStr(a, b string) bool

IsEqStr tells if two strings a and b are equals after trimming spaces and lowercasing

func RandomString

func RandomString(alphabet string, length int) (s string, err error)

RandomString generate a random string of required length using alphabet


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