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Collection of tools for creating cli apps.




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func Confirm

func Confirm(text string) bool

func ConfirmWithDefault

func ConfirmWithDefault(text string, defaultValue bool) bool

func Log

func Log(m ...interface{})

Log ...

func LogSection

func LogSection(title string, m ...interface{})

LogSection ...

func Logf

func Logf(f string, m ...interface{})

Logf ...

func OAuth2GetToken

func OAuth2GetToken(conf *oauth2.Config) (*oauth2.Token, error)

OAuth2GetToken Create local http server and use it to get access token from oauth authorization provider

func PrintChecking

func PrintChecking(message string)

PrintChecking ...

func PrintNotOK

func PrintNotOK()

PrintNotOK ...

func PrintOK

func PrintOK()

PrintOK ...

func Prompt

func Prompt(text string) string

Prompt ...

func PromptCached

func PromptCached(text, key string) string

PromptCached ...

func PromptSecret

func PromptSecret(text string) string

PromptSecret ...

func PromptSecretCached

func PromptSecretCached(text, key string) string

PromptSecretCached ...

func PromptWithChoice

func PromptWithChoice(name string, choices []string) (int, error)

PromptWithChoice ...

func PromptWithMultiChoice

func PromptWithMultiChoice(name string, choices []string) ([]int, error)

PromptWithMultiChoice ...

func ReflectionFill

func ReflectionFill(o interface{}) error

ReflectionFill ...

func ReflectionFillUsingObject

func ReflectionFillUsingObject(o interface{}, useExistingValues bool) error

ReflectionFillWithObject ...

func Run

func Run(cmd string) ([]byte, error)

Run ...

func RunInDir

func RunInDir(cmd, dir string) ([]byte, error)

RunInDir ...

func RunInteractive

func RunInteractive(cmd string) error

RunInteractive ...

func RunInteractiveInDir

func RunInteractiveInDir(cmd, dir string) error

RunInteractiveInDir ...

func RunSecure

func RunSecure(cmd string, secrets []string) ([]byte, error)

RunSecure ...

func RunSecureInDir

func RunSecureInDir(cmd, dir string, secrets []string) ([]byte, error)

RunSecureInDir ...

func RunSecureInteractive

func RunSecureInteractive(cmd string, secrets []string) error

RunSecureInteractive ...

func RunSecureInteractiveInDir

func RunSecureInteractiveInDir(cmd, dir string, secrets []string) error

RunSecureInteractiveInDir ...

func RunWithInput

func RunWithInput(cmd string, input []byte) ([]byte, error)

RunWithInput ...

func SecureByteArray

func SecureByteArray(input []byte, secrets []string) []byte

func SecureStd

func SecureStd(out *os.File, secrets []string) *os.File

func SecureString

func SecureString(input string, secrets []string) string


type Dependency

type Dependency struct {
	Name               string
	CheckCmd           string
	CheckCmdValidation string
	Dependencies       []Dependency
	InstallScripts     []DependencyScript
	UninstallScripts   []DependencyScript

func DependencyDocker

func DependencyDocker() Dependency

func DependencyFastlane

func DependencyFastlane() Dependency

func DependencyFastlaneMatch

func DependencyFastlaneMatch() Dependency

func DependencyGit

func DependencyGit() Dependency

func DependencyHomebrew

func DependencyHomebrew() Dependency

func DependencyXcodebuild

func DependencyXcodebuild() Dependency

func (*Dependency) Check

func (d *Dependency) Check() (bool, error)

func (*Dependency) Install

func (d *Dependency) Install() error

func (*Dependency) Uninstall

func (d *Dependency) Uninstall() error

type DependencyScript

type DependencyScript interface {
	Run() error

type DependencyScriptFn

type DependencyScriptFn struct {
	Fn func() error

func (DependencyScriptFn) Run

func (script DependencyScriptFn) Run() error

type DependencyScriptString

type DependencyScriptString struct {
	Fn string

func (DependencyScriptString) Run

func (script DependencyScriptString) Run() error

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