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func Add

func Add(out, a, b *Bignum25519)

    out = a + b

    func AddAfterBasic

    func AddAfterBasic(out, a, b *Bignum25519)

      out = a + b, where a and/or b are the result of a basic op (add,sub)

      func AddReduce

      func AddReduce(out, a, b *Bignum25519)

      func Contract

      func Contract(out []byte, input *Bignum25519)

        Take a fully reduced polynomial form number and contract it into a little-endian, 32-byte array

        func Copy

        func Copy(out, in *Bignum25519)

          out = in

          func Expand

          func Expand(out *Bignum25519, in []byte)

            Take a little-endian, 32-byte number and expand it into polynomial form

            func Mul

            func Mul(out, in2, in *Bignum25519)

              out = a * b

              func Neg

              func Neg(out, a *Bignum25519)

                out = -a

                func PowTwo252m3

                func PowTwo252m3(two252m3, z *Bignum25519)

                  z^((p-5)/8) = z^(2^252 - 3)

                  func Recip

                  func Recip(out, z *Bignum25519)

                    z^(p - 2) = z(2^255 - 21)

                    func Square

                    func Square(out, in *Bignum25519)

                    func SquareTimes

                    func SquareTimes(out, in *Bignum25519, count int)

                      out = in^(2 * count)

                      func Sub

                      func Sub(out, a, b *Bignum25519)

                        out = a - b

                        func SubAfterBasic

                        func SubAfterBasic(out, a, b *Bignum25519)

                          out = a - b, where a and/or b are the result of a basic op (add,sub)

                          func SubReduce

                          func SubReduce(out, a, b *Bignum25519)

                          func SwapConditional

                          func SwapConditional(a, b *Bignum25519, iswap uint64)

                            if (iswap) swap(a, b)


                            type Bignum25519

                            type Bignum25519 [5]uint64

                            func (*Bignum25519) Reset

                            func (out *Bignum25519) Reset()

                              out = 0