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Package storage implements the storage backend.



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Flags has the configuration flags.


func GetLocalBackendDBDir added in v0.2100.0

func GetLocalBackendDBDir(dataDir, backend string) string

GetLocalBackendDBDir returns the database name for local backends.

func NewLocalBackend added in v0.2012.3

func NewLocalBackend(
	dataDir string,
	namespace common.Namespace,
) (api.LocalBackend, error)

NewLocalBackend constructs a new Backend based on the configuration flags.


type Worker

type Worker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Worker is a worker handling storage operations.

func New

func New(
	grpcInternal *grpc.Server,
	commonWorker *workerCommon.Worker,
	registration *registration.Worker,
) (*Worker, error)

New constructs a new storage worker.

func (*Worker) Cleanup

func (w *Worker) Cleanup()

Cleanup performs the service specific post-termination cleanup.

func (*Worker) Enabled

func (w *Worker) Enabled() bool

Enabled returns if worker is enabled.

func (*Worker) GetLastSyncedRound

func (w *Worker) GetLastSyncedRound(_ context.Context, request *api.GetLastSyncedRoundRequest) (*api.GetLastSyncedRoundResponse, error)

func (*Worker) GetRuntime added in v0.2010.0

func (w *Worker) GetRuntime(id common.Namespace) *committee.Node

GetRuntime returns a storage committee node for the given runtime (if available).

In case the runtime with the specified id was not configured for this node it returns nil.

func (*Worker) Initialized

func (w *Worker) Initialized() <-chan struct{}

Initialized returns a channel that will be closed when the storage worker is initialized and ready to service requests.

func (*Worker) Name

func (w *Worker) Name() string

Name returns the service name.

func (*Worker) PauseCheckpointer added in v0.2102.0

func (w *Worker) PauseCheckpointer(_ context.Context, request *api.PauseCheckpointerRequest) error

func (*Worker) Quit

func (w *Worker) Quit() <-chan struct{}

Quit returns a channel that will be closed when the service terminates.

func (*Worker) Start

func (w *Worker) Start() error

Start starts the storage service.

func (*Worker) Stop

func (w *Worker) Stop()

Stop halts the service.


Path Synopsis
Package config implements global configuration options.
Package config implements global configuration options.
Package tests is a collection of storage worker test cases.
Package tests is a collection of storage worker test cases.

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