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Published: Jul 3, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


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const (
	GetModelPackagingURL        = "/model/packaging/:id"
	GetModelPackagingLogsURL    = "/model/packaging/:id/log"
	GetAllModelPackagingURL     = "/model/packaging"
	CreateModelPackagingURL     = "/model/packaging"
	UpdateModelPackagingURL     = "/model/packaging"
	SaveModelPackagingResultURL = "/model/packaging/:id/result"
	DeleteModelPackagingURL     = "/model/packaging/:id"
	IDMpURLParam                = "id"
	FollowURLParam              = "follow"
const (
	ValidationMpErrorMessage             = "Validation of model packaging is failed"
	TrainingIDOrArtifactNameErrorMessage = "you should specify artifactName"
	ArgumentValidationErrorMessage       = "argument validation is failed: %s"
	EmptyIntegrationNameErrorMessage     = "integration name must be nonempty"
	TargetNotFoundErrorMessage           = "cannot find %s target in packaging integration %s"
	NotValidConnTypeErrorMessage         = "%s target has not valid connection type %s for packaging integration %s"
const (
	GetPackagingIntegrationURL    = "/packaging/integration/:id"
	GetAllPackagingIntegrationURL = "/packaging/integration"
	CreatePackagingIntegrationURL = "/packaging/integration"
	UpdatePackagingIntegrationURL = "/packaging/integration"
	DeletePackagingIntegrationURL = "/packaging/integration/:id"
	IDPiURLParam                  = "id"
const (
	ValidationPiErrorMessage               = "Validation of packaging integration is failed"
	EmptyIDErrorMessage                    = "id must be nonempty"
	EmptyEntrypointErrorMessage            = "entrypoint must be nonempty"
	EmptyDefaultImageErrorMessage          = "default image must be nonempty"
	TargetEmptyConnectionTypesErrorMessage = "%s target must have at least one connection type"
	TargetEmptyNameErrorMessage            = "one of target has empty name"
	TargetUnknownConnTypeErrorMessage      = "%s target have unknown connection type: %s"
	NotValidJSONSchemaErrorMessage         = "arguments have not valid json schema: %s"

func ConfigurePiRoutes

func ConfigurePiRoutes(routeGroup *gin.RouterGroup, piRepository mp_repository.PackagingIntegrationRepository)

func ConfigureRoutes

func ConfigureRoutes(routeGroup *gin.RouterGroup, repository mp_repository.Repository,
	piRepository mp_repository.PackagingIntegrationRepository, connRepository conn_repository.Repository,
	config config.ModelPackagingConfig, gpuResourceName string)

type ModelPackagingController

type ModelPackagingController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type MpValidator

type MpValidator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMpValidator

func NewMpValidator(
	mpRepository mp_repository.PackagingIntegrationRepository,
	connRepository conn_repository.Repository,
	outputConnectionName string,
	gpuResourceName string,
	defaultResources odahuflowv1alpha1.ResourceRequirements,
) *MpValidator

func (*MpValidator) ValidateAndSetDefaults

func (mpv *MpValidator) ValidateAndSetDefaults(mp *packaging.ModelPackaging) (err error)

type PackagingIntegrationController

type PackagingIntegrationController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type PiValidator

type PiValidator struct {

Packaging Integration validator

func NewPiValidator

func NewPiValidator() *PiValidator

Currently validator does not need any arguments

func (*PiValidator) ValidateAndSetDefaults

func (mpv *PiValidator) ValidateAndSetDefaults(pi *packaging.PackagingIntegration) (err error)
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