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type PachydermComponents

type PachydermComponents struct {
	Pod                 *corev1.Pod
	ClusterRoleBindings []*rbacv1.ClusterRoleBinding
	ClusterRoles        []*rbacv1.ClusterRole
	RoleBindings        []*rbacv1.RoleBinding
	Roles               []*rbacv1.Role
	ServiceAccounts     []*corev1.ServiceAccount
	Services            []*corev1.Service
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PachydermComponents is a structure that contains a slice of all the Kubernetes resources that make up a Pachyderm deployment

func Prepare

Prepare takes a pachyderm custom resource and returns child resources based on the pachyderm custom resource

func (*PachydermComponents) ConfgigMaps

func (c *PachydermComponents) ConfgigMaps() []*corev1.ConfigMap

func (*PachydermComponents) DashDeployment

func (c *PachydermComponents) DashDeployment() *appsv1.Deployment

DashDeployment returns the dash deployment resource

func (*PachydermComponents) EtcdStatefulSet

func (c *PachydermComponents) EtcdStatefulSet() *appsv1.StatefulSet

EtcdStatefulSet returns the etcd statefulset resource

func (*PachydermComponents) Namespace

func (c *PachydermComponents) Namespace() string

func (*PachydermComponents) PachdDeployment

func (c *PachydermComponents) PachdDeployment() *appsv1.Deployment

PachdDeployment returns the pachd deployment resource

func (*PachydermComponents) Pachyderm

func (c *PachydermComponents) Pachyderm() *aimlv1beta1.Pachyderm

Parent returns the pachyderm resource used to configure components

func (*PachydermComponents) PostgreStatefulset

func (c *PachydermComponents) PostgreStatefulset() *appsv1.StatefulSet

PostgreStatefulset returns the postgresql statefulset resource

func (*PachydermComponents) Secrets

func (c *PachydermComponents) Secrets() []*corev1.Secret

Secrets returns secrets used by the pachyderm resource

func (*PachydermComponents) SetGoogleCredentials

func (c *PachydermComponents) SetGoogleCredentials(credentials []byte)

func (*PachydermComponents) StorageClasses

func (c *PachydermComponents) StorageClasses() []*storagev1.StorageClass

StorageClass returns a new etcd storage class if an existing one is not used or provided

type PachydermError

type PachydermError string

PachydermError defines custom error type used by the operator

func (PachydermError) Error

func (e PachydermError) Error() string

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