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LightStep Exporter

This exporter supports sending trace data to LightStep

The following configuration options are supported:

  • access_token (Required): The access token for your LightStep project.
  • satellite_host (Optional): Your LightStep Satellite Pool Hostname. Defaults to
  • satellite_port (Optional): Your LightStep Satellite Pool Port. Defaults to 443.
  • service_name (Optional): The service name for spans reported by this collector. Defaults to opentelemetry-collector.
  • plain_text (Optional): False for HTTPS LightStep Satellite Pools. Defaults to False. Example:
        access_token: "abcdef12345"
        satellite_host: ""
        satellite_port: 8000
        service_name: "myService"
        plain_text: true




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type Config

type Config struct {
	configmodels.ExporterSettings `mapstructure:",squash"` // squash ensures fields are correctly decoded in embedded struct.
	// AccessToken is your project access token in LightStep.
	AccessToken string `mapstructure:"access_token"`
	// SatelliteHost is the satellite pool hostname.
	SatelliteHost string `mapstructure:"satellite_host"`
	// SatellitePort is the satellite pool port.
	SatellitePort int `mapstructure:"satellite_port"`
	// ServiceName is the LightStep service name for your spans.
	ServiceName string `mapstructure:"service_name"`
	// PlainText is true for plain text satellite pools.
	PlainText bool `mapstructure:"plain_text"`

Config defines configuration options for the LightStep exporter.

type Factory

type Factory struct {

Factory is the factory for the LightStep exporter.

func (*Factory) CreateDefaultConfig

func (f *Factory) CreateDefaultConfig() configmodels.Exporter

CreateDefaultConfig creates a default configuration for this exporter.

func (*Factory) CreateMetricsExporter

func (f *Factory) CreateMetricsExporter(logger *zap.Logger, cfg configmodels.Exporter) (component.MetricsExporterOld, error)

CreateMetricsExporter returns nil.

func (*Factory) CreateTraceExporter

func (f *Factory) CreateTraceExporter(logger *zap.Logger, cfg configmodels.Exporter) (component.TraceExporterOld, error)

CreateTraceExporter creates a LightStep trace exporter for this configuration.

func (*Factory) Type

func (f *Factory) Type() configmodels.Type

Type gets the type of the exporter configuration created by this factory.

type LightStepExporter

type LightStepExporter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LightStepExporter contains a pointer to a LightStep opentelemetry exporter.

func (*LightStepExporter) Shutdown

func (e *LightStepExporter) Shutdown(context.Context) error

Shutdown closes the LightStep opentelemetry exporter.

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