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func IndexOf

func IndexOf(lexeme string) int

func Normalize

func Normalize(number string) string

func Valid

func Valid(number string) bool


type Country

type Country struct {
	From string
	To   string
	Name string

type Region

type Region string
const (
	Africa       Region = "Africa"
	Asia         Region = "Asia"
	Europe       Region = "Europe"
	NorthAmerica Region = "North America"
	Oceania      Region = "Oceania"
	SouthAmerica Region = "South America"

type VIN

type VIN struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Parse

func Parse(number string) (*VIN, error)

func (VIN) AssemblyPlant

func (vin VIN) AssemblyPlant() rune

Extract the single-character assembly plant designator from the [number].

func (VIN) Check

func (vin VIN) Check() bool

func (VIN) Country

func (vin VIN) Country() string

func (VIN) Manufacturer

func (vin VIN) Manufacturer(store store.Store) string

func (VIN) ModelYear

func (vin VIN) ModelYear() rune

Extract the single-character model year from the [number].

func (VIN) Region

func (vin VIN) Region() Region

Obtain the 2-character region code for the manufacturing region.

func (VIN) SerialNumber

func (vin VIN) SerialNumber() string

Extract the serial number from the [number].

func (*VIN) String

func (vin *VIN) String() string

func (*VIN) VDS

func (vin *VIN) VDS() string

func (*VIN) VIS

func (vin *VIN) VIS() string

func (VIN) Valid

func (vin VIN) Valid() bool

Carry out VIN validation. A valid [number] must be 17 characters long and contain only valid alphanumeric characters.

func (*VIN) WMI

func (vin *VIN) WMI() string

func (VIN) Year

func (vin VIN) Year() *uint

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