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const (
	// LifecycleActionNone does nothing
	LifecycleActionNone = 0
	// LifecycleActionCreate creates a container
	LifecycleActionCreate = 1 << iota
	// LifecycleActionStart starts a container
	// LifecycleActionDelete deletes a container
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const (
	// LifecycleStatusCreating "creating"
	LifecycleStatusCreating = 1 << iota
	// LifecycleStatusCreated "created"
	// LifecycleStatusRunning "running"
	// LifecycleStatusStopped "stopped"
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const (
	// CPUCgroupPrefix is default path prefix where CPU cgroups are created
	CPUCgroupPrefix string = "/sys/fs/cgroup/cpu,cpuacct"
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const DefaultSignal = "TERM"

DefaultSignal represents the default signal sends to a container


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var ProcNamespaces = []string{

ProcNamespaces defines a list of namespaces to be found under /proc/*/ns/. NOTE: it is not the same as generate.Namespaces, because of naming mismatches like "mnt" vs "mount" or "net" vs "network".

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var (
	// RuntimeCommand is the default runtime command.
	RuntimeCommand = "runc"


func Fatal

func Fatal(err error)

Fatal prints a warning to stderr and exits.

func GetDefaultGenerator

func GetDefaultGenerator() (*generate.Generator, error)

GetDefaultGenerator creates a default configuration generator.

func GetRuntimeToolsNamespace added in v0.6.0

func GetRuntimeToolsNamespace(ns string) string

GetRuntimeToolsNamespace converts a namespace type string for /proc into a string for runtime-tools. It deals with exceptional cases of "net" and "mnt", because those strings cannot be recognized by mapStrToNamespace(), which actually expects "network" and "mount" respectively.

func PrepareBundle

func PrepareBundle() (string, error)

PrepareBundle creates a test bundle in a temporary directory.

func RuntimeInsideValidate

func RuntimeInsideValidate(g *generate.Generator, t *tap.T, f PreFunc) (err error)

RuntimeInsideValidate runs runtimetest inside a container.

func RuntimeLifecycleValidate added in v0.5.0

func RuntimeLifecycleValidate(config LifecycleConfig) error

RuntimeLifecycleValidate validates runtime lifecycle.

func RuntimeOutsideValidate

func RuntimeOutsideValidate(g *generate.Generator, t *tap.T, f AfterFunc) error

RuntimeOutsideValidate validate runtime outside a container.

func Skip

func Skip(message string, diagnostic interface{})

Skip skips a full TAP suite.

func SpecErrorOK added in v0.6.0

func SpecErrorOK(t *tap.T, expected bool, specErr error, detailedErr error)

SpecErrorOK generates TAP output indicating whether a spec code test passed or failed.

func ValidateLinuxResourcesBlockIO

func ValidateLinuxResourcesBlockIO(config *rspec.Spec, t *tap.T, state *rspec.State) error

ValidateLinuxResourcesBlockIO validates linux.resources.blockIO.

func ValidateLinuxResourcesCPU added in v0.7.0

func ValidateLinuxResourcesCPU(config *rspec.Spec, t *tap.T, state *rspec.State) error

ValidateLinuxResourcesCPU validates if Linux.Resources.CPU is set to correct values, the same as given values in the config.

func ValidateLinuxResourcesCPUEmpty added in v0.7.0

func ValidateLinuxResourcesCPUEmpty(config *rspec.Spec, t *tap.T, state *rspec.State) error

ValidateLinuxResourcesCPUEmpty validates Linux.Resources.CPU is set to correct values, when each value are set to the default ones.

func ValidateLinuxResourcesDevices added in v0.7.0

func ValidateLinuxResourcesDevices(config *rspec.Spec, t *tap.T, state *rspec.State) error

ValidateLinuxResourcesDevices validates linux.resources.devices.

func ValidateLinuxResourcesMemory

func ValidateLinuxResourcesMemory(config *rspec.Spec, t *tap.T, state *rspec.State) error

ValidateLinuxResourcesMemory validates linux.resources.memory.

func ValidateLinuxResourcesNetwork

func ValidateLinuxResourcesNetwork(config *rspec.Spec, t *tap.T, state *rspec.State) error

ValidateLinuxResourcesNetwork validates linux.resources.network.

func ValidateLinuxResourcesPids

func ValidateLinuxResourcesPids(config *rspec.Spec, t *tap.T, state *rspec.State) error

ValidateLinuxResourcesPids validates linux.resources.pids.

func WaitingForStatus added in v0.5.0

func WaitingForStatus(r Runtime, status LifecycleStatus, retryTimeout time.Duration, pollInterval time.Duration) error

WaitingForStatus waits an expected runtime status, return error if 1. fail to query the status 2. timeout


type AfterFunc

type AfterFunc func(config *rspec.Spec, t *tap.T, state *rspec.State) error

AfterFunc validate container's outside environment after created

type LifecycleAction added in v0.5.0

type LifecycleAction int

LifecycleAction defines the phases will be called.

type LifecycleConfig added in v0.5.0

type LifecycleConfig struct {
	Config     *generate.Generator
	BundleDir  string
	Actions    LifecycleAction
	PreCreate  func(runtime *Runtime) error
	PostCreate func(runtime *Runtime) error
	PreDelete  func(runtime *Runtime) error
	PostDelete func(runtime *Runtime) error

LifecycleConfig includes 1. Config to set the 'config.json' 2. BundleDir to set the bundle directory 3. Actions to define the default running lifecycles 4. Four phases for user to add his/her own operations

type LifecycleStatus added in v0.5.0

type LifecycleStatus int

LifecycleStatus follows https://github.com/opencontainers/runtime-spec/blob/master/runtime.md#state

type PreFunc

type PreFunc func(string) error

PreFunc initializes the test environment after preparing the bundle but before creating the container.

type Runtime

type Runtime struct {
	RuntimeCommand string
	BundleDir      string
	PidFile        string
	ID             string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Runtime represents the basic requirement of a container runtime

func NewRuntime

func NewRuntime(runtimeCommand string, bundleDir string) (Runtime, error)

NewRuntime create a runtime by command and the bundle directory

func (*Runtime) Clean

func (r *Runtime) Clean(removeBundle bool, forceRemoveBundle bool) error

Clean deletes the container. If removeBundle is set, the bundle directory is removed after the container is deleted successfully or, if forceRemoveBundle is true, after the deletion attempt regardless of whether it was successful or not.

func (*Runtime) Create

func (r *Runtime) Create() (err error)

Create a container

func (*Runtime) Delete

func (r *Runtime) Delete() (err error)

Delete a container

func (*Runtime) Kill added in v0.6.0

func (r *Runtime) Kill(sig string) (err error)

Kill a container

func (*Runtime) ReadStandardStreams

func (r *Runtime) ReadStandardStreams() (stdout []byte, stderr []byte, err error)

ReadStandardStreams collects content from the stdout and stderr buffers.

func (*Runtime) SetConfig

func (r *Runtime) SetConfig(g *generate.Generator) error

SetConfig creates a 'config.json' by the generator

func (*Runtime) SetID

func (r *Runtime) SetID(id string)

SetID sets the container ID

func (*Runtime) Start

func (r *Runtime) Start() (err error)

Start a container

func (*Runtime) State

func (r *Runtime) State() (rspecs.State, error)

State a container information

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