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const (
	BP_FORMAT_MEF  = "mef"
	BP_FORMAT_IETF = "ietf"
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const OltNniLos = "OLT_NNI_LOS"
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const OltPonLos = "OLT_PON_LOS"



func GetIPAddr added in v0.0.9

func GetIPAddr(ifname string) (string, error)

GetIPAddr returns the IPv4 address of an interface. is returned if the IP cannot be determined.

func InitializePublisher added in v0.0.18

func InitializePublisher(NewAsyncProducer func([]string, *sarama.Config) (sarama.AsyncProducer, error), oltID int) error

InitializePublisher initalizes kafka publisher

func KafkaPublisher added in v0.0.18

func KafkaPublisher(eventChannel chan Event)

KafkaPublisher receives messages on eventChannel and publish them to kafka

func LoadConfig added in v1.0.0

func LoadConfig()

Load the BBSim configuration. This is a combination of CLI parameters and YAML files We proceed in this order: - Read CLI parameters - Using those we read the yaml files (config and services) - we merge the configuration (CLI has priority over yaml files)

func OnuSnToString

func OnuSnToString(sn *openolt.SerialNumber) string

func SetLogLevel

func SetLogLevel(logger *log.Logger, level string, caller bool)


type BBRCliOptions

type BBRCliOptions struct {
	BBSimIp      string
	BBSimPort    string
	BBSimApiPort string
	LogFile      string

func GetBBROpts

func GetBBROpts() BBRCliOptions

This is only used by BBR

type BBRConfig added in v0.0.8

type BBRConfig struct {
	Log       string `yaml:"log"`
	LogLevel  string `yaml:"log_level"`
	LogCaller bool   `yaml:"log_caller"`

type BBSimConfig added in v0.0.8

type BBSimConfig struct {
	ConfigFile             string
	ServiceConfigFile      string
	DhcpRetry              bool    `yaml:"dhcp_retry"`
	AuthRetry              bool    `yaml:"auth_retry"`
	LogLevel               string  `yaml:"log_level"`
	LogCaller              bool    `yaml:"log_caller"`
	Delay                  int     `yaml:"delay"`
	CpuProfile             *string `yaml:"cpu_profile"`
	OpenOltAddress         string  `yaml:"openolt_address"`
	ApiAddress             string  `yaml:"api_address"`
	RestApiAddress         string  `yaml:"rest_api_address"`
	LegacyApiAddress       string  `yaml:"legacy_api_address"`
	LegacyRestApiAddress   string  `yaml:"legacy_rest_api_address"`
	SadisRestAddress       string  `yaml:"sadis_rest_address"`
	SadisServer            bool    `yaml:"sadis_server"`
	KafkaAddress           string  `yaml:"kafka_address"`
	Events                 bool    `yaml:"enable_events"`
	ControlledActivation   string  `yaml:"controlled_activation"`
	EnablePerf             bool    `yaml:"enable_perf"`
	KafkaEventTopic        string  `yaml:"kafka_event_topic"`
	DmiServerAddress       string  `yaml:"dmi_server_address"`
	BandwidthProfileFormat string  `yaml:"bp_format"`

type Event added in v0.0.18

type Event struct {
	EventType string
	OnuSerial string
	OltID     int
	IntfID    int32
	OnuID     int32
	EpochTime int64
	Timestamp string

Event defines structure for bbsim events

type GlobalConfig added in v1.0.0

type GlobalConfig struct {
	BBSim BBSimConfig
	Olt   OltConfig
	BBR   BBRConfig
var (
	Config   *GlobalConfig
	Services []ServiceYaml

type OltConfig added in v0.0.8

type OltConfig struct {
	Model              string `yaml:"model"`
	Vendor             string `yaml:"vendor"`
	HardwareVersion    string `yaml:"hardware_version"`
	FirmwareVersion    string `yaml:"firmware_version"`
	DeviceId           string `yaml:"device_id"`
	DeviceSerialNumber string `yaml:"device_serial_number"`
	PonPorts           uint32 `yaml:"pon_ports"`
	NniPorts           uint32 `yaml:"nni_ports"`
	OnusPonPort        uint32 `yaml:"onus_per_port"`
	Technology         string `yaml:"technology"`
	ID                 int    `yaml:"id"`
	OltRebootDelay     int    `yaml:"reboot_delay"`
	PortStatsInterval  int    `yaml:"port_stats_interval"`
	OmciResponseRate   uint8  `yaml:"omci_response_rate"`
	UniPorts           uint32 `yaml:"uni_ports"`

type ServiceYaml added in v1.0.0

type ServiceYaml struct {
	Name                string
	CTag                int    `yaml:"c_tag"`
	STag                int    `yaml:"s_tag"`
	NeedsEapol          bool   `yaml:"needs_eapol"`
	NeedsDhcp           bool   `yaml:"needs_dhcp"`
	NeedsIgmp           bool   `yaml:"needs_igmp"`
	CTagAllocation      string `yaml:"c_tag_allocation"`
	STagAllocation      string `yaml:"s_tag_allocation"`
	TechnologyProfileID int    `yaml:"tp_id"`
	UniTagMatch         int    `yaml:"uni_tag_match"`
	ConfigureMacAddress bool   `yaml:"configure_mac_address"`
	UsPonCTagPriority   uint8  `yaml:"us_pon_c_tag_priority"`
	UsPonSTagPriority   uint8  `yaml:"us_pon_s_tag_priority"`
	DsPonCTagPriority   uint8  `yaml:"ds_pon_c_tag_priority"`
	DsPonSTagPriority   uint8  `yaml:"ds_pon_s_tag_priority"`

type TagAllocation added in v0.2.0

type TagAllocation int
const (
	TagAllocationShared TagAllocation

func (TagAllocation) String added in v0.2.0

func (t TagAllocation) String() string

type YamlServiceConfig added in v1.0.0

type YamlServiceConfig struct {
	Workflow string
	Services []ServiceYaml `yaml:"services,flow"`

func (*YamlServiceConfig) String added in v1.0.0

func (cfg *YamlServiceConfig) String() string


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