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type TemplateData

type TemplateData struct {
	// Project ID (the prefix of the *-cd, *-dev and *-test namespaces).
	ProjectID string
	// Component ID (the value of the overall "componentID" or the specific
	// step  "componentID").
	ComponentID string
	// ODS namespace read from the ods-core.env configuration (e.g. "ods")
	OdsNamespace string
	// ODS Git reference read from the ods-core.env configuration (e.g. "v3.0.0")
	OdsGitRef string
	// ODS image tag read from the ods-core.env configuration (e.g. "3.x")
	OdsImageTag string
	// ODS Bitbucket project name read from the ods-core.env configuration (e.g. "OPENDEVSTACK")
	OdsBitbucketProject string
	// ODS Git reference with underscores instead of slashes and dashes.
	SanitizedOdsGitRef string
	// Jenkins Build number
	BuildNumber string

TemplateData holds template parameters. Those will be applied to all values defined in the steps, as they are treated as Go templates. For example, Jenkins run attachments can be defined like this:

- SCRR-{{.ProjectID}}-{{.ComponentID}}.docx, and then the

type TestStep

type TestStep struct {
	// Type of the step - one of "build", "provision", "upload"
	Type string `json:"type"`
	// Optional description to explain the step's purpose
	Description string `json:"description"`
	// ComponentID name for that step (overwrites global component name)
	ComponentID string `json:"componentID"`
	// Parameters for "provison" step type
	ProvisionParams *TestStepProvisionParams `json:"provisionParams"`
	// Parameters for "build" step type
	BuildParams *TestStepBuildParams `json:"buildParams"`
	// Parameters for "upload" step type
	UploadParams *TestStepUploadParams `json:"uploadParams"`

TestStep describes one step to execute. A step consists of a type (e.g. "build"), and the related params for it (e.g. "buildParams").

type TestStepBuildParams

type TestStepBuildParams TestStepProvisionParams

TestStepBuildParams defines the parameters for the "build" step type.

type TestStepProvisionParams

type TestStepProvisionParams struct {
	// Name of the quickstarter to provision.
	Quickstarter string `json:"quickstarter"`
	// Pipeline allows to customize the pipeline name.
	// If empty, the pipeline name is generated.
	Pipeline string `json:"pipeline"`
	// Quickstarter branch for which to run the pipeline.
	// For "provision" steps, it defaults to ODS_GIT_REF.
	// For "build" steps, it defaults to "master".
	Branch string `json:"branch"`
	// Jenkins Agent image tag.
	// Defaults to ODS_IMAGE_TAG.
	AgentImageTag string `json:"agentImageTag"`
	// Jenkins Shared library Git reference.
	// Defaults to AgentImageTag.
	SharedLibraryRef string `json:"sharedLibraryRef"`
	// Additional environment variables
	Env []utils.EnvPair `json:"env"`
	// Verify parameters.
	Verify *TestStepVerify `json:"verify"`

TestStepProvisionParams defines the parameters for the "provision" step type.

type TestStepUploadParams

type TestStepUploadParams struct {
	// File to add, commit and push to the repository (relative to "testdata" directory)
	File string `json:"file"`
	// Name of the uploaded file in the repository. Defaults to just the filename of +File+.
	Filename string `json:"filename"`

TestStepUploadParams defines the parameters for the "provision" step type.

type TestStepVerify

type TestStepVerify struct {
	// JSON file defining expected Jenkins stages (relative to "testdata" directory).
	JenkinsStages string `json:"jenkinsStages"`
	// JSON file defining expected Sonar scan result (relative to "testdata" directory).
	SonarScan string `json:"sonarScan"`
	// Names of expected attachments to the Jenkins run.
	RunAttachments []string `json:"runAttachments"`
	// Number of expected test results.
	TestResults int `json:"testResults"`
	// Expected OpenShift resources in the *-dev namespace.
	OpenShiftResources *struct {
		// Namespace in which to look for resources (defaults to *-dev).
		Namespace string `json:"namespace"`
		// Image tags
		ImageTags []struct {
			// Name of the image
			Name string `json:"name"`
			// Tag of the image
			Tag string `json:"tag"`
		} `json:"imageTags"`
		// BuildConfig resources
		BuildConfigs []string `json:"buildConfigs"`
		// ImageStream resources
		ImageStreams []string `json:"imageStreams"`
		// DeploymentConfig resources
		DeploymentConfigs []string `json:"deploymentConfigs"`
		// Service resources. The check includes verifying that a running, ready pod is assigned.
		Services []string `json:"services"`
	} `json:"openShiftResources"`

TestStepVerify defines the items to verify.

type TestSteps

type TestSteps struct {
	// Name of the component to provision
	ComponentID string `json:"componentID"`
	// Steps to execute
	Steps []TestStep `json:"steps"`

TestSteps defines the steps the test runner should execute.

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