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var (
	// GitCommit that was compiled; filled in by
	// the compiler.
	GitCommit string

	// Version is the version of this repo; filled
	// in by the compiler
	Version string

	// VersionMeta is a pre-release marker for the
	// version. If this is "" (empty string) then
	// it means that it is a final release. Otherwise,
	// this is a pre-release such as "dev" (in
	// development), "beta", "rc1", etc.
	VersionMeta string


func Current

func Current() string

Current returns current version of csi driver

func Get

func Get() string

Get returns current version from global Version variable. If Version is unset then from VERSION file at the root of this repo.

func GetBuildMeta

func GetBuildMeta() string

GetBuildMeta returns build type from global VersionMeta variable. If VersionMeta is unset then this is fetched from BUILDMETA file at the root of this repo.

func GetGitCommit

func GetGitCommit() string

GetGitCommit returns Git commit SHA-1 from global GitCommit variable. If GitCommit is unset this calls Git directly.

func GetVersionDetails

func GetVersionDetails() string

GetVersionDetails return version info from git commit

func Verbose

func Verbose() string

Verbose returns version details with git commit info


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