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func New

func New() types.BackendFactory


type Factory

type Factory struct {

func (*Factory) Create

func (rf *Factory) Create(address string) (types.Backend, error)

Create Remote with address given string, returns backend and error

func (*Factory) SignalToAdd

func (rf *Factory) SignalToAdd(address string, action string) error

type Remote

type Remote struct {
	Name string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Remote) Close

func (r *Remote) Close() error

func (*Remote) GetCloneStatus

func (r *Remote) GetCloneStatus() (string, error)

func (*Remote) GetMonitorChannel

func (r *Remote) GetMonitorChannel() types.MonitorChannel

func (*Remote) GetReplicaChain added in v1.12.1

func (r *Remote) GetReplicaChain() ([]string, error)

GetReplicaChain fetches replic chain

func (*Remote) GetRevisionCounter

func (r *Remote) GetRevisionCounter() (int64, error)

func (*Remote) GetVolUsage

func (r *Remote) GetVolUsage() (types.VolUsage, error)

func (*Remote) RemainSnapshots

func (r *Remote) RemainSnapshots() (int, error)

func (*Remote) Resize

func (r *Remote) Resize(name string, size string) error

func (*Remote) SectorSize

func (r *Remote) SectorSize() (int64, error)

func (*Remote) SetCheckpoint added in v1.12.1

func (r *Remote) SetCheckpoint(snapshotName string) error

SetCheckpoint ...

func (*Remote) SetRebuilding

func (r *Remote) SetRebuilding(rebuilding bool) error

func (*Remote) SetReplicaMode

func (r *Remote) SetReplicaMode(mode types.Mode) error

SetReplicaMode ...

func (*Remote) SetRevisionCounter

func (r *Remote) SetRevisionCounter(counter int64) error

func (*Remote) Size

func (r *Remote) Size() (int64, error)

func (*Remote) Snapshot

func (r *Remote) Snapshot(name string, userCreated bool, created string) error

func (*Remote) StopMonitoring

func (r *Remote) StopMonitoring()

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