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const (
	//OrchestrationIdentifier identifier string for provider orchestration
	OrchestrationIdentifier = "memory"
	//ProviderName name of the provider
	ProviderName = "faas-memory"


This section is empty.


func MakeDeleteHandler

func MakeDeleteHandler() http.HandlerFunc

MakeDeleteHandler delete a function

func MakeDeployHandler

func MakeDeployHandler() http.HandlerFunc

MakeDeployHandler creates a handler to create new functions in the cluster

func MakeFunctionReader

func MakeFunctionReader() http.HandlerFunc

MakeFunctionReader handler for reading functions deployed in the cluster as deployments.

func MakeHealthHandler

func MakeHealthHandler() http.HandlerFunc

MakeHealthHandler returns 200/OK when healthy

func MakeInfoHandler

func MakeInfoHandler(version, sha string) http.HandlerFunc

MakeInfoHandler creates handler for /system/info endpoint

func MakeProxy

func MakeProxy() http.HandlerFunc

MakeProxy creates a proxy for HTTP web requests which can be routed to a function.

func MakeReplicaReader

func MakeReplicaReader() http.HandlerFunc

MakeReplicaReader reads the amount of replicas for a deployment

func MakeReplicaUpdater

func MakeReplicaUpdater() http.HandlerFunc

MakeReplicaUpdater updates desired count of replicas

func MakeSecretsHandler

func MakeSecretsHandler() http.HandlerFunc

func MakeUpdateHandler

func MakeUpdateHandler() http.HandlerFunc

MakeUpdateHandler update specified function

func NamespaceLister

func NamespaceLister() http.HandlerFunc

faas-memory does not use namespaces, so we return an empty list. see https://github.com/openfaas-incubator/connector-sdk/pull/46

func NewLogRequester

func NewLogRequester() logs.Requester

NewLogRequester returns a Requestor instance that can be used in the function logs endpoint


type LogRequester

type LogRequester struct{}

LogRequester implements the Requester interface

func (LogRequester) Query

func (l LogRequester) Query(ctx context.Context, r logs.Request) (<-chan logs.Message, error)

Query implements the actual Swarm logs request logic for the Requester interface

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