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const (
	// DefaultFeature filter is for the features which are mandatory
	DefaultFeature = "default"
	// GitHubFeature filter enables secrets created with the scm_github filter
	GitHubFeature = "scm_github"
	// GitLabFeature filter is the feature which enables secret creation for GitLab
	GitLabFeature = "scm_gitlab"

	// Auth filter enables OAuth secret creation
	Auth = "auth"

	// GCPDNS filter enables the creation of secrets for Google Cloud Platform DNS when TLS is enabled
	GCPDNS = "gcp_dns01"
	// DODNS filter enables the creation of secrets for Digital Ocean DNS when TLS is enabled
	DODNS = "do_dns01"
	// Route53DNS filter enables the creation of secrets for Amazon Route53 DNS when TLS is enabled
	Route53DNS = "route53_dns01"
	// CloudflareDNS filter enables the creation of secrets for Cloudflare DNS when TLS is enabled
	CloudflareDNS = "cloudflare_dns01"

	// CloudDNS is the dns_service field in yaml file for Google Cloud Platform
	CloudDNS = "clouddns"
	// DigitalOcean is the dns_service field in yaml file for Digital Ocean
	DigitalOcean = "digitalocean"
	// Route53 is the dns_service field in yaml file for Amazon
	Route53 = "route53"
	// Cloudflare for dns_service
	Cloudflare = "cloudflare"

	// GitLabSCM repository manager name as displayed in the init.yaml file
	GitLabSCM = "gitlab"
	// GitHubSCM repository manager name as displayed in the init.yaml file
	GitHubSCM = "github"

	// ECRFeature enable ECR
	ECRFeature = "ecr"


This section is empty.


func BuildSecretTask

func BuildSecretTask(kvn KeyValueNamespaceTuple) execute.ExecTask


type Deployment

type Deployment struct {
	CustomTemplate []string `yaml:"custom_templates,omitempty"`

Deployment is the deployment section of YAML concerning functions as deployed

func (Deployment) FormatCustomTemplates

func (d Deployment) FormatCustomTemplates() string

FormatCustomTemplates are formatted in a CSV format with a space after each comma

type ECRConfig

type ECRConfig struct {
	ECRRegion string `yaml:"ecr_region,omitempty"`

type FileSecret

type FileSecret struct {
	Name      string `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	ValueFrom string `yaml:"value_from,omitempty"`

	// ValueCommand is a command to execute to generate
	// a secret file specified in ValueFrom
	ValueCommand string `yaml:"value_command,omitempty"`

func (FileSecret) ExpandValueFrom

func (fs FileSecret) ExpandValueFrom() string

ExpandValueFrom expands ~ to the home directory of the current user kept in the HOME env-var.

type Github

type Github struct {
	AppID          string `yaml:"app_id,omitempty"`
	PrivateKeyFile string `yaml:"private_key_filename,omitempty"`
	PublicLink     string `yaml:"public_link,omitempty"`

type Gitlab

type Gitlab struct {
	GitLabInstance string `yaml:"gitlab_instance,omitempty"`

type KeyValueNamespaceTuple

type KeyValueNamespaceTuple struct {
	Name      string          `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	Literals  []KeyValueTuple `yaml:"literals,omitempty"`
	Namespace string          `yaml:"namespace,omitempty"`
	Files     []FileSecret    `yaml:"files,omitempty"`
	Type      string          `yaml:"type,omitempty"`
	Filters   []string        `yaml:"filters,omitempty"`

type KeyValueTuple

type KeyValueTuple struct {
	Name  string `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	Value string `yaml:"value,omitempty"`

type OAuth

type OAuth struct {
	ClientId             string `yaml:"client_id,omitempty"`
	OAuthProviderBaseURL string `yaml:"oauth_provider_base_url,omitempty"`

type Plan

type Plan struct {
	Features             []string                 `yaml:"features,omitempty"`
	Orchestration        string                   `yaml:"orchestration,omitempty"`
	Secrets              []KeyValueNamespaceTuple `yaml:"secrets,omitempty"`
	RootDomain           string                   `yaml:"root_domain,omitempty"`
	Registry             string                   `yaml:"registry,omitempty"`
	CustomersURL         string                   `yaml:"customers_url,omitempty"`
	SCM                  string                   `yaml:"scm,omitempty"`
	Github               Github                   `yaml:"github,omitempty"`
	Gitlab               Gitlab                   `yaml:"gitlab,omitempty"`
	TLS                  bool                     `yaml:"tls,omitempty"`
	OAuth                OAuth                    `yaml:"oauth,omitempty"`
	S3                   S3                       `yaml:"s3,omitempty"`
	EnableOAuth          bool                     `yaml:"enable_oauth,omitempty"`
	TLSConfig            TLSConfig                `yaml:"tls_config,omitempty"`
	Slack                Slack                    `yaml:"slack,omitempty"`
	Ingress              string                   `yaml:"ingress,omitempty"`
	Deployment           Deployment               `yaml:"deployment,omitempty"`
	EnableDockerfileLang bool                     `yaml:"enable_dockerfile_lang,omitempty"`
	ScaleToZero          bool                     `yaml:"scale_to_zero,omitempty"`
	OpenFaaSCloudVersion string                   `yaml:"openfaas_cloud_version,omitempty"`
	NetworkPolicies      bool                     `yaml:"network_policies,omitempty"`
	BuildBranch          string                   `yaml:"build_branch,omitempty"`
	EnableECR            bool                     `yaml:"enable_ecr,omitempty"`
	ECRConfig            ECRConfig                `yaml:"ecr_config,omitempty"`
	CustomersSecret      bool                     `yaml:"customers_secret,omitempty"`
	IngressOperator      bool                     `yaml:"ingress_operator,omitempty"`
	OpenFaaSOperator     bool                     `yaml:"openfaas_operator,omitempty"`

func MergePlans

func MergePlans(plans []Plan) (*Plan, error)

MergePlans combines one or more plan with a manual merge for the list of secrets.

type S3

type S3 struct {
	Url    string `yaml:"s3_url,omitempty"`
	Region string `yaml:"s3_region,omitempty"`
	TLS    bool   `yaml:"s3_tls,omitempty"`
	Bucket string `yaml:"s3_bucket,omitempty"`

type Slack

type Slack struct {
	URL string `yaml:"url,omitempty"`

type TLSConfig

type TLSConfig struct {
	Email       string `yaml:"email,omitempty"`
	DNSService  string `yaml:"dns_service,omitempty"`
	ProjectID   string `yaml:"project_id,omitempty"`
	IssuerType  string `yaml:"issuer_type,omitempty"`
	Region      string `yaml:"region,omitempty"`
	AccessKeyID string `yaml:"access_key_id,omitempty"`

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