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func Error

func Error(err error) zap.Field

func Int

func Int(k string, v int) zap.Field

func String

func String(k, v string) zap.Field

func Uint32

func Uint32(k string, v uint32) zap.Field


type Logger

type Logger interface {
	// These are ops that call directly to the actual zap implementation
	Debug(string, ...zap.Field)
	Info(string, ...zap.Field)
	Warn(string, ...zap.Field)
	Error(string, ...zap.Field)
	Panic(string, ...zap.Field)
	Fatal(string, ...zap.Field)

	// These are the equivalent logger function but with context provided
	DebugWithContext(context.Context, string, ...zap.Field)
	InfoWithContext(context.Context, string, ...zap.Field)
	WarnWithContext(context.Context, string, ...zap.Field)
	ErrorWithContext(context.Context, string, ...zap.Field)
	PanicWithContext(context.Context, string, ...zap.Field)
	FatalWithContext(context.Context, string, ...zap.Field)

type ZapLogger

type ZapLogger struct {

ZapLogger is an implementation of Logger that uses the uber/zap logger underneath. It provides additional methods such as ones that logs based on context.

func MustNewJSONLogger added in v0.2.5

func MustNewJSONLogger() *ZapLogger

func MustNewTextLogger added in v0.2.5

func MustNewTextLogger() *ZapLogger

func NewJSONLogger added in v0.1.1

func NewJSONLogger() (*ZapLogger, error)

func NewNoopLogger

func NewNoopLogger() *ZapLogger

NewNoopLogger provides noop logger that satisfies the logger interface.

func NewTextLogger added in v0.1.1

func NewTextLogger() (*ZapLogger, error)

func (*ZapLogger) Debug

func (l *ZapLogger) Debug(msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) DebugWithContext

func (l *ZapLogger) DebugWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) Error

func (l *ZapLogger) Error(msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) ErrorWithContext

func (l *ZapLogger) ErrorWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) Fatal

func (l *ZapLogger) Fatal(msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) FatalWithContext

func (l *ZapLogger) FatalWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) Info

func (l *ZapLogger) Info(msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) InfoWithContext

func (l *ZapLogger) InfoWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) Panic

func (l *ZapLogger) Panic(msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) PanicWithContext

func (l *ZapLogger) PanicWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) Warn

func (l *ZapLogger) Warn(msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) WarnWithContext

func (l *ZapLogger) WarnWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...zap.Field)

func (*ZapLogger) With

func (l *ZapLogger) With(fields ...zap.Field)

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