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Package client contains transport implementation for the parent client library using gnmi.proto.

Note: this package should not be used directly. Use instead.



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const Type = "gnmi"

Type defines the name resolution for this client type.


This section is empty.


func New

New returns a new initialized client. If error is nil, returned Client has established a connection to d. Close needs to be called for cleanup.


type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client handles execution of the query and caching of its results.

func NewFromConn

func NewFromConn(ctx context.Context, conn *grpc.ClientConn, d client.Destination) (*Client, error)

NewFromConn creates and returns the client based on the provided transport.

func (*Client) Capabilities

func (c *Client) Capabilities(ctx context.Context, r *gpb.CapabilityRequest) (*gpb.CapabilityResponse, error)

Capabilities calls the gNMI Capabilities RPC.

func (*Client) Close

func (c *Client) Close() error

Close forcefully closes the underlying connection, terminating the query right away. It's safe to call Close multiple times.

func (*Client) Get

func (c *Client) Get(ctx context.Context, r *gpb.GetRequest) (*gpb.GetResponse, error)

Get calls the gNMI Get RPC.

func (*Client) Peer

func (c *Client) Peer() string

Peer returns the peer of the current stream. If the client is not created or if the peer is not valid nil is returned.

func (*Client) Poll

func (c *Client) Poll() error

Poll will send a single gNMI poll request to the server.

func (*Client) Recv

func (c *Client) Recv() error

Recv will recieve a single message from the server and process it based on the provided handlers (Proto or Notification).

func (*Client) Set

func (c *Client) Set(ctx context.Context, r *gpb.SetRequest) (*gpb.SetResponse, error)

Set calls the gNMI Set RPC.

func (*Client) Subscribe

func (c *Client) Subscribe(ctx context.Context, q client.Query) error

Subscribe sends the gNMI Subscribe RPC to the server.

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