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Package path provides utility functions to convert a given gnmi.Path into index strings.



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func CompletePath

func CompletePath(prefix, path *gpb.Path) ([]string, error)

CompletePath joins provided prefix and subscription paths. Also, verifies whether origin is set properly according to: Note that this function doesn't add "openconfig" default origin if neither prefix nor path specifies the origin. Also, target field isn't prepended in the returned path.

func ToStrings

func ToStrings(p *gpb.Path, prefix bool) []string

ToStrings converts gnmi.Path to index strings. When index strings are generated, gnmi.Path will be irreversibly lost. Index strings will be built by using name field in gnmi.PathElem. If gnmi.PathElem has key field, values will be included in alphabetical order of the keys. E.g. <target>/<origin>/a/b[b:d, a:c]/e will be returned as <target>/<origin>/a/b/c/d/e If prefix parameter is set to true, <target> and <origin> fields of the gnmi.Path will be prepended in the index strings unless they are empty string. gnmi.Path.Element field is deprecated, but being gracefully handled by this function in the absence of gnmi.Path.Elem.


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