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type Environment

type Environment struct {
	Namespace   string
	KubeClient  environment.KubeClient
	Stream      services.ReleaseService_RunReleaseTestServer
	Timeout     int64
	Parallel    bool
	Parallelism uint32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Environment encapsulates information about where test suite executes and returns results

func (*Environment) DeleteTestPods

func (env *Environment) DeleteTestPods(testManifests []string)

DeleteTestPods deletes resources given in testManifests

func (*Environment) GetLogs

func (env *Environment) GetLogs(testManifests []string)

GetLogs collects the logs from the pods created in testManifests

type TestSuite

type TestSuite struct {
	StartedAt     *timestamp.Timestamp
	CompletedAt   *timestamp.Timestamp
	TestManifests []string
	Results       []*release.TestRun

TestSuite what tests are run, results, and metadata

func NewTestSuite

func NewTestSuite(rel *release.Release) (*TestSuite, error)

NewTestSuite takes a release object and returns a TestSuite object with test definitions

extracted from the release

func (*TestSuite) Run

func (ts *TestSuite) Run(env *Environment) error

Run executes tests in a test suite and stores a result within a given environment

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