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func ListObjs

func ListObjs(loca *LocationInfo, filt *pb.Filter) ([]*s3.Object, error)


type ODACred

type ODACred struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ODACred) IsExpired

func (myc *ODACred) IsExpired() bool

func (*ODACred) Retrieve

func (myc *ODACred) Retrieve() (credentials.Value, error)

type ODAMover

type ODAMover struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ODAMover) AbortMultipartUpload

func (mover *ODAMover) AbortMultipartUpload(objKey string, destLoca *LocationInfo) error

func (*ODAMover) CompleteMultipartUpload

func (mover *ODAMover) CompleteMultipartUpload(objKey string, destLoca *LocationInfo) error

func (*ODAMover) DeleteIncompleteMultipartUpload

func (mover *ODAMover) DeleteIncompleteMultipartUpload(objKey, uploadId string, loc *LocationInfo) error

func (*ODAMover) DeleteObj

func (mover *ODAMover) DeleteObj(objKey string, loca *LocationInfo) error

func (*ODAMover) DownloadObj

func (mover *ODAMover) DownloadObj(objKey string, srcLoca *LocationInfo, buf []byte) (size int64, err error)

func (*ODAMover) DownloadRange

func (mover *ODAMover) DownloadRange(objKey string, srcLoca *LocationInfo, buf []byte, start int64, end int64) (size int64, err error)

func (*ODAMover) MultiPartDownloadInit

func (mover *ODAMover) MultiPartDownloadInit(srcLoca *LocationInfo) error

func (*ODAMover) MultiPartUploadInit

func (mover *ODAMover) MultiPartUploadInit(objKey string, destLoca *LocationInfo) (string, error)

func (*ODAMover) UploadObj

func (mover *ODAMover) UploadObj(objKey string, destLoca *LocationInfo, buf []byte) error

func (*ODAMover) UploadPart

func (mover *ODAMover) UploadPart(objKey string, destLoca *LocationInfo, upBytes int64, buf []byte, partNumber int64, offset int64) error

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