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Published: May 24, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 24 Imported by: 0




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const EMAILCHANGE_ERRORS = "emailchange.errors"
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const EMAIL_CHALLENGE_KEY = "email_challenge"
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const LOGIN_CHALLENGE_KEY = "login_challenge"

URL key constants used primarily by challenges

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const LOGOUT_CHALLENGE_KEY = "logout_challenge"
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const PASSWORD_ERRORS = "password.errors"
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const PROFILEDELETE_ERRORS = "profiledelete.errors"

Form constants

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const RECOVER_ERRORS = "recover.errors"
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const REGISTER_ERRORS = "register.errors"
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const REGISTER_FIELDS = "register.fields"
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const TOTP_ERRORS = "totp.errors"


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func ShowClaimEmail

func ShowClaimEmail(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func ShowEmailChange

func ShowEmailChange(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func ShowLogin

func ShowLogin(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func ShowLogout

func ShowLogout(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func ShowPassword

func ShowPassword(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func ShowProfileDelete

func ShowProfileDelete(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func ShowRecover

func ShowRecover(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func ShowRegistration

func ShowRegistration(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func ShowSeeYouLater

func ShowSeeYouLater(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func ShowTotp

func ShowTotp(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func SubmitClaimEmail

func SubmitClaimEmail(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func SubmitEmailChange

func SubmitEmailChange(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func SubmitLogin

func SubmitLogin(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func SubmitLogout

func SubmitLogout(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func SubmitPassword

func SubmitPassword(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func SubmitProfileDelete

func SubmitProfileDelete(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func SubmitRecover

func SubmitRecover(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func SubmitRegistration

func SubmitRegistration(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc

func SubmitTotp

func SubmitTotp(env *app.Environment) gin.HandlerFunc


type LogoutChallenge

type LogoutChallenge struct {
	Challenge  string
	State      string
	RedirectTo string

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