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Published: Dec 17, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



The canonical location of the OpenShift API definition. This repo holds the API type definitions and serialization code used by openshift/client-go

pull request process

Pull requests that change API types in this repo that have corresponding “internal” API objects in the openshift/origin repo must be paired with a pull request to openshift/origin.

To ensure the corresponding origin pull request is ready to merge as soon as the pull request to this repo is merged: 1. Base your pull request to this repo on latest openshift/api#master and ensure CI is green 2. Base your pull request to openshift/origin on latest openshift/origin#master 3. In your openshift/origin pull request: 1. Add a TMP commit that points glide.yaml at your fork of openshift/api, and the branch of your pull request:

  - package:
    version: "<your-openshift-api-branch>"

2. Update your `bump(*)` commit to include the result of running `hack/`, which will pull in the changes from your openshift/api pull request
3. Make sure CI is green on your openshift/origin pull request 
4. Get LGTM on your openshift/api pull request (for API changes) and your openshift/origin pull request (for code changes)

Once both pull requests are ready, the openshift/api pull request can be merged.

Then do the following with your openshift/origin pull request: 1. Drop the TMP commit (pointing glide back at openshift/api#master) 2. Rerun hack/ and update your bump(*) commit 3. It can then be tagged and merged by CI