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type FileGetter

type FileGetter func(path string) ([]byte, error)

FileGetter is a function that downloads the file from the provided path via to avoid getting rate limited. It returns a nil error on 404. TODO: Rethink the 404 behavior?

func FileGetterFactory

func FileGetterFactory(org, repo, branch string, opts ...Opt) FileGetter

FileGetterFactory returns a GithubFileGetter that downloads files from for the provided org/repo/branch It avoids getting ratelimited by using Because it is using a plain http client it can be heavily paralellized without killing the machine. It supports private repositories when configured WithAuthentication.

type Opt

type Opt func(*Opts)

func WithAuthentication

func WithAuthentication(username, token string) Opt

type Opts

type Opts struct {
	// The username to use for basic auth
	BasicAuthUser string
	// The token to use for basic auth
	BasicAuthPassword string

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