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const (
	Label = ""


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func AssembleReleaseStep

func AssembleReleaseStep(name string, config *api.ReleaseTagConfiguration, resources api.ResourceConfiguration,
	client steps.PodClient, jobSpec *api.JobSpec) api.Step

AssembleReleaseStep builds a new update payload image based on the cluster version operator and the operators defined in the release configuration.

func ImportReleaseStep

func ImportReleaseStep(
	name, target string,
	pullSpec string,
	append bool,
	resources api.ResourceConfiguration,
	client steps.PodClient,
	jobSpec *api.JobSpec,
	pullSecret *coreapi.Secret,
	overrideCLIReleaseExtractImage *coreapi.ObjectReference) api.Step

ImportReleaseStep imports an existing update payload image

func PromotedTags

func PromotedTags(configuration *api.ReleaseBuildConfiguration) []api.ImageStreamTagReference

PromotedTags returns the tags that are being promoted for the given ReleaseBuildConfiguration

func PromotedTagsWithRequiredImages

func PromotedTagsWithRequiredImages(configuration *api.ReleaseBuildConfiguration, requiredImages sets.String) (map[string][]api.ImageStreamTagReference, sets.String)

PromotedTagsWithRequiredImages returns the tags that are being promoted for the given ReleaseBuildConfiguration accounting for the list of required images. Promoted tags are mapped by the source tag in the pipeline ImageStream we will promote to the output.

func PromotionStep

func PromotionStep(configuration *api.ReleaseBuildConfiguration, requiredImages sets.String, jobSpec *api.JobSpec, client steps.PodClient, pushSecret *coreapi.Secret) api.Step

PromotionStep copies tags from the pipeline image stream to the destination defined in the promotion config. If the source tag does not exist it is silently skipped.

func ReleaseImagesTagStep

func ReleaseImagesTagStep(config api.ReleaseTagConfiguration, client loggingclient.LoggingClient, params *api.DeferredParameters, jobSpec *api.JobSpec) api.Step

func ReleaseSnapshotStep

func ReleaseSnapshotStep(release string, config api.Integration, client loggingclient.LoggingClient, jobSpec *api.JobSpec) api.Step

func StableImagesTagStep

func StableImagesTagStep(client loggingclient.LoggingClient, jobSpec *api.JobSpec) api.Step


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