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type GenericInformer

type GenericInformer interface {
	Informer() cache.SharedIndexInformer
	Lister() cache.GenericLister

GenericInformer is type of SharedIndexInformer which will locate and delegate to other sharedInformers based on type

type SharedInformerFactory

type SharedInformerFactory interface {

	// Start initializes all requested informers. They are handled in goroutines
	// which run until the stop channel gets closed.
	Start(stopCh <-chan struct{})

	// Shutdown marks a factory as shutting down. At that point no new
	// informers can be started anymore and Start will return without
	// doing anything.
	// In addition, Shutdown blocks until all goroutines have terminated. For that
	// to happen, the close channel(s) that they were started with must be closed,
	// either before Shutdown gets called or while it is waiting.
	// Shutdown may be called multiple times, even concurrently. All such calls will
	// block until all goroutines have terminated.

	// WaitForCacheSync blocks until all started informers' caches were synced
	// or the stop channel gets closed.
	WaitForCacheSync(stopCh <-chan struct{}) map[reflect.Type]bool

	// ForResource gives generic access to a shared informer of the matching type.
	ForResource(resource schema.GroupVersionResource) (GenericInformer, error)

	// InformerFor returns the SharedIndexInformer for obj using an internal
	// client.
	InformerFor(obj runtime.Object, newFunc internalinterfaces.NewInformerFunc) cache.SharedIndexInformer

	Network() network.Interface

SharedInformerFactory provides shared informers for resources in all known API group versions.

It is typically used like this:

ctx, cancel := context.Background()
defer cancel()
factory := NewSharedInformerFactory(client, resyncPeriod)
defer factory.WaitForStop()    // Returns immediately if nothing was started.
genericInformer := factory.ForResource(resource)
typedInformer := factory.SomeAPIGroup().V1().SomeType()
factory.Start(ctx.Done())          // Start processing these informers.
synced := factory.WaitForCacheSync(ctx.Done())
for v, ok := range synced {
    if !ok {
        fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "caches failed to sync: %v", v)

// Creating informers can also be created after Start, but then
// Start must be called again:
anotherGenericInformer := factory.ForResource(resource)

func NewFilteredSharedInformerFactory

func NewFilteredSharedInformerFactory(client versioned.Interface, defaultResync time.Duration, namespace string, tweakListOptions internalinterfaces.TweakListOptionsFunc) SharedInformerFactory

NewFilteredSharedInformerFactory constructs a new instance of sharedInformerFactory. Listers obtained via this SharedInformerFactory will be subject to the same filters as specified here. Deprecated: Please use NewSharedInformerFactoryWithOptions instead

func NewSharedInformerFactory

func NewSharedInformerFactory(client versioned.Interface, defaultResync time.Duration) SharedInformerFactory

NewSharedInformerFactory constructs a new instance of sharedInformerFactory for all namespaces.

func NewSharedInformerFactoryWithOptions

func NewSharedInformerFactoryWithOptions(client versioned.Interface, defaultResync time.Duration, options ...SharedInformerOption) SharedInformerFactory

NewSharedInformerFactoryWithOptions constructs a new instance of a SharedInformerFactory with additional options.

type SharedInformerOption

type SharedInformerOption func(*sharedInformerFactory) *sharedInformerFactory

SharedInformerOption defines the functional option type for SharedInformerFactory.

func WithCustomResyncConfig

func WithCustomResyncConfig(resyncConfig map[v1.Object]time.Duration) SharedInformerOption

WithCustomResyncConfig sets a custom resync period for the specified informer types.

func WithNamespace

func WithNamespace(namespace string) SharedInformerOption

WithNamespace limits the SharedInformerFactory to the specified namespace.

func WithTransform

func WithTransform(transform cache.TransformFunc) SharedInformerOption

WithTransform sets a transform on all informers.

func WithTweakListOptions

func WithTweakListOptions(tweakListOptions internalinterfaces.TweakListOptionsFunc) SharedInformerOption

WithTweakListOptions sets a custom filter on all listers of the configured SharedInformerFactory.


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