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const (
	OperatorNamespace      = "openshift-cluster-storage-operator"
	CSIOperatorNamespace   = "openshift-cluster-csi-drivers"
	CloudConfigNamespace   = "openshift-config"
	ManagedConfigNamespace = "openshift-config-managed"


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func StartInformers

func StartInformers(clients *Clients, stopCh <-chan struct{})

func WaitForSync

func WaitForSync(clients *Clients, stopCh <-chan struct{})


type Clients

type Clients struct {
	// Client for CSO's CR
	OperatorClient *operatorclient.OperatorClient
	// Kubernetes API client
	KubeClient kubernetes.Interface
	// Kubernetes API informers, per namespace
	KubeInformers v1helpers.KubeInformersForNamespaces

	// CRD client
	ExtensionClientSet apiextclient.Interface
	// CRD informer
	ExtensionInformer apiextinformers.SharedInformerFactory

	// operator.openshift.io client
	OperatorClientSet opclient.Interface
	// operator.openshift.io informers
	OperatorInformers opinformers.SharedInformerFactory

	// config.openshift.io client
	ConfigClientSet cfgclientset.Interface
	// config.openshift.io informers
	ConfigInformers cfginformers.SharedInformerFactory

	// Client for talking using prometheus-operator APIs (ServiceMonitor)
	MonitoringClient promclient.Interface
	// informer for prometheus-operator APIs
	MonitoringInformer prominformer.SharedInformerFactory

	// Dynamic client for OLM and old CSI operator APIs
	DynamicClient dynamic.Interface

	// Rest Mapper for mapping GVK to GVR
	RestMapper       meta.RESTMapper
	CategoryExpander restmapper.CategoryExpander

func NewClients

func NewClients(controllerConfig *controllercmd.ControllerContext, resync time.Duration) (*Clients, error)

func NewFakeClients

func NewFakeClients(initialObjects *FakeTestObjects) *Clients

type FakeTestObjects

type FakeTestObjects struct {
	CoreObjects, ExtensionObjects, OperatorObjects, ConfigObjects, DynamicObjects, MonitoringObjects []runtime.Object

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