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Published: Dec 3, 2021 License: Apache-2.0


IBM-ROKS Toolkit


The IBM-ROKS toolkit is a set of tools and files that enables running OpenShift 4.x on IBM Public Cloud in a hyperscale manner with many control planes hosted on a central management cluster. This tool was jointly developed by RedHat and IBM.

Getting Started

Install on standalone environment
  • Run make build to build the binary
  • Construct a "cluster.yaml" to define custom parameters for the cluster. Example found here: cluster.yaml.example
  • Construct a "pull-secret.txt" to provide authentication to pull from desired docker registries. Example found here: pull-secret.txt.example
  • Construct and run the render command, with optional fields below: ./bin/ibm-roks render
    • output-dir: Specify the directory where manifest files should be output (default ./manifests)
    • config: Specify the config file for this cluster (default ./cluster.yaml)
    • pull-secret: Specify the pull secret used to pull from desired docker registries (default ./pull-secret.txt)
    • pki-dir: Specify the directory where the input PKI files have been placed (default ./pki)
    • include-secrets: If true, PKI secrets will be included in rendered manifests (default false)
    • include-etcd: If true, Etcd manifests will be included in rendered manifests (default false)
    • include-autoapprover: If true, includes a simple autoapprover pod in manifests (default false)
    • include-vpn: If true, includes a VPN server, sidecar and client (default false)
    • include-registry: If true, includes a default registry config to deploy into the user cluster (default false)
  • Apply all the generated resources to the cluster kubectl apply -f output-dir/

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