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var NoCache types.BlobInfoCache = noCache{}

NoCache implements BlobInfoCache by not recording any data.

This exists primarily for implementations of configGetter for Manifest.Inspect, because configs only have one representation. Any use of BlobInfoCache with blobs should usually use at least a short-lived cache.


func DefaultCache

func DefaultCache(sys *types.SystemContext) types.BlobInfoCache

DefaultCache returns the default BlobInfoCache implementation appropriate for sys.

func NewBoltDBCache

func NewBoltDBCache(path string) types.BlobInfoCache

NewBoltDBCache returns a BlobInfoCache implementation which uses a BoltDB file at path. Most users should call DefaultCache instead.

func NewMemoryCache

func NewMemoryCache() types.BlobInfoCache

NewMemoryCache returns a BlobInfoCache implementation which is in-memory only. This is primarily intended for tests, but also used as a fallback if DefaultCache can’t determine, or set up, the location for a persistent cache. Manual users of types.{ImageSource,ImageDestination} might also use this instead of a persistent cache.


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