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var (

	// ErrNotLoggedIn is returned for users not logged into a registry
	// that they are trying to logout of
	ErrNotLoggedIn = errors.New("not logged in")


func GetAuthentication

func GetAuthentication(sys *types.SystemContext, registry string) (string, string, error)

GetAuthentication returns the registry credentials stored in either auth.json file or .docker/config.json If an entry is not found empty strings are returned for the username and password

func GetUserLoggedIn

func GetUserLoggedIn(sys *types.SystemContext, registry string) (string, error)

GetUserLoggedIn returns the username logged in to registry from either auth.json or XDG_RUNTIME_DIR Used to tell the user if someone is logged in to the registry when logging in

func RemoveAllAuthentication

func RemoveAllAuthentication(sys *types.SystemContext) error

RemoveAllAuthentication deletes all the credentials stored in auth.json

func RemoveAuthentication

func RemoveAuthentication(sys *types.SystemContext, registry string) error

RemoveAuthentication deletes the credentials stored in auth.json

func SetAuthentication

func SetAuthentication(sys *types.SystemContext, registry, username, password string) error

SetAuthentication stores the username and password in the auth.json file


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