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const (
	// ConfigMapName is the name of the ConfigMap that contains the configuration for the default
	// channel CRD.
	ConfigMapName = "default-ch-webhook"

	// ChannelDefaulterKey is the key in the ConfigMap to get the name of the default
	// Channel CRD.
	ChannelDefaulterKey = "default-ch-config"


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type ChannelDefaulter

type ChannelDefaulter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ChannelDefaulter adds a default Channel CRD to Channels that do not have any CRD specified. The default is stored in a ConfigMap and can be updated at runtime.

func New

func New(logger *zap.Logger) *ChannelDefaulter

New creates a new ChannelDefaulter. The caller is expected to set this as the global singleton.

channelDefaulter := channeldefaulter.New(logger) messagingv1alpha1.ChannelDefaulterSingleton = channelDefaulter configMapWatcher.Watch(channelDefaulter.ConfigMapName, channelDefaulter.UpdateConfigMap)

func (*ChannelDefaulter) GetDefault

GetDefault determines the default Channel CRD and arguments for the provided namespace. If there is no default for the provided namespace, then use the cluster default.

func (*ChannelDefaulter) UpdateConfigMap

func (cd *ChannelDefaulter) UpdateConfigMap(cm *corev1.ConfigMap)

UpdateConfigMap reads in a ConfigMap and updates the internal default Channel CRD to use.

type Config

type Config struct {
	// NamespaceDefaultChannels are the default Channels CRDs for each namespace. namespace is the
	// key, the value is the default ChannelTemplate to use.
	NamespaceDefaults map[string]*eventingduckv1alpha1.ChannelTemplateSpec `json:"namespaceDefaults,omitempty"`
	// ClusterDefaultChannel is the default Channel CRD for all namespaces that are not in
	// NamespaceDefaultChannels.
	ClusterDefault *eventingduckv1alpha1.ChannelTemplateSpec `json:"clusterDefault,omitempty"`

Config is the data structure serialized to YAML in the config map. When a Channel needs to be defaulted, the Channel's namespace will be used as a key into NamespaceDefaults, if there is something present, then that is used. If not, then the ClusterDefault is used.

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