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Published: Oct 29, 2019 License: Apache-2.0


Conformance tests

Adding conformance tests

Knative Serving conformance tests can be run against any implementation of the Knative Serving API to ensure the API has been implemented consistently. Passing these tests indicates that apps and functions deployed to this implementation could be ported to other implementations as well.

The precedent for these tests is the k8s conformance tests.

These tests use the test library.


The conformance tests should ONLY cover functionality that applies to any implementation of the API.

The conformance tests MUST:

  1. Provide frequent output describing what actions they are undertaking, especially before performing long running operations. Please see the Log section for detailed instructions.
  2. Follow Golang best practices.
  3. Not require any specific file system permissions to run or require any additional binaries to be installed in the target environment before the tests run.
  4. Not depend on any k8s resources outside of those added by Knative Serving OR they should provide flags that allow the test to run without access to those resources.


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