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const EncryptionConfSecretKey = "encryption-config"

EncryptionConfSecretKey is the map data key used to store the raw bytes of the final encryption config.

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const EncryptionConfSecretName = "encryption-config"

EncryptionConfSecretName is the name of the final encryption config secret that is revisioned per apiserver rollout.


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func FromEncryptionState

FromEncryptionState converts state to config.

func FromSecret

func FromSecret(encryptionConfigSecret *corev1.Secret) (*apiserverconfigv1.EncryptionConfiguration, error)

func ToEncryptionState

func ToEncryptionState(encryptionConfig *apiserverconfigv1.EncryptionConfiguration, keySecrets []*corev1.Secret) (map[schema.GroupResource]state.GroupResourceState, []state.KeyState)

ToEncryptionState converts config to state. Read keys contain a potential write key. Read keys are sorted, recent first.

It assumes: - the first provider provides the write key - the structure of the encryptionConfig matches the output generated by FromEncryptionState:

- one resource per provider
- one key per provider

- each resource has a distinct configuration with zero or more key based providers and the identity provider. - the last providers might be of type aesgcm. Then it carries the names of identity keys, recent first.

We never use aesgcm as a real key because it is unsafe.

func ToSecret

func ToSecret(ns, name string, encryptionCfg *apiserverconfigv1.EncryptionConfiguration) (*corev1.Secret, error)


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