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const (
	// NamespaceLabelConfigMap is the Namespace label applied to a configmap
	// containing signatures.
	NamespaceLabelConfigMap = "openshift-config-managed"

	// ReleaseLabelConfigMap is a label applied to a configmap inside the
	// openshift-config-managed namespace that indicates it contains signatures
	// for release image digests. Any binaryData key that starts with the digest
	// is added to the list of signatures checked.
	ReleaseLabelConfigMap = ""


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type Store

type Store struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Store abstracts retrieving signatures from config maps on a cluster.

func NewStore

func NewStore(client corev1client.ConfigMapsGetter, limiter *rate.Limiter) *Store

NewStore returns a store that can retrieve or persist signatures on a cluster. If limiter is not specified it defaults to one call every 30 seconds.

func (*Store) Signatures

func (s *Store) Signatures(ctx context.Context, name string, digest string, fn store.Callback) error

Signatures returns a list of signatures that match the request digest out of config maps labelled with ReleaseLabelConfigMap in the NamespaceLabelConfigMap namespace.

func (*Store) Store

func (s *Store) Store(ctx context.Context, signaturesByDigest map[string][][]byte) error

Store attempts to persist the provided signatures into a form Signatures will retrieve.

func (*Store) String

func (s *Store) String() string

String displays information about this source for human review.

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