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type Interface

type Interface interface {
	// OAuthAccessTokens returns a OAuthAccessTokenInformer.
	OAuthAccessTokens() OAuthAccessTokenInformer
	// OAuthAuthorizeTokens returns a OAuthAuthorizeTokenInformer.
	OAuthAuthorizeTokens() OAuthAuthorizeTokenInformer
	// OAuthClients returns a OAuthClientInformer.
	OAuthClients() OAuthClientInformer
	// OAuthClientAuthorizations returns a OAuthClientAuthorizationInformer.
	OAuthClientAuthorizations() OAuthClientAuthorizationInformer

Interface provides access to all the informers in this group version.

func New

New returns a new Interface.

type OAuthAccessTokenInformer

type OAuthAccessTokenInformer interface {
	Informer() cache.SharedIndexInformer
	Lister() v1.OAuthAccessTokenLister

OAuthAccessTokenInformer provides access to a shared informer and lister for OAuthAccessTokens.

type OAuthAuthorizeTokenInformer

type OAuthAuthorizeTokenInformer interface {
	Informer() cache.SharedIndexInformer
	Lister() v1.OAuthAuthorizeTokenLister

OAuthAuthorizeTokenInformer provides access to a shared informer and lister for OAuthAuthorizeTokens.

type OAuthClientAuthorizationInformer

type OAuthClientAuthorizationInformer interface {
	Informer() cache.SharedIndexInformer
	Lister() v1.OAuthClientAuthorizationLister

OAuthClientAuthorizationInformer provides access to a shared informer and lister for OAuthClientAuthorizations.

type OAuthClientInformer

type OAuthClientInformer interface {
	Informer() cache.SharedIndexInformer
	Lister() v1.OAuthClientLister

OAuthClientInformer provides access to a shared informer and lister for OAuthClients.

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