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const UseConfiguredCacheSize = -1

UseConfiguredCacheSize indicates that the configured cache size should be used


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func ApplyOptions

func ApplyOptions(optsGetter Getter, store *registry.Store, isNamespaced bool, triggerFn storage.TriggerPublisherFunc) error

ApplyOptions updates the given generic storage from the provided rest options TODO: remove need for etcdPrefix once Decorator interface is refactored upstream

func DefaultKeyFunctions added in v1.4.0

func DefaultKeyFunctions(store *registry.Store, prefix string, isNamespaced bool)

DefaultKeyFunctions sets the default behavior for storage key generation onto a Store.


type Getter

type Getter interface {
	GetRESTOptions(resource unversioned.GroupResource) (generic.RESTOptions, error)

func NewConfigGetter

func NewConfigGetter(masterOptions configapi.MasterConfig, defaultResourceConfig *genericapiserver.ResourceConfig, defaultResourcePrefixes map[unversioned.GroupResource]string, quorumResources map[unversioned.GroupResource]struct{}) Getter

NewConfigGetter returns a restoptions.Getter implemented using information from the provided master config. By default, the etcd watch cache is enabled with a size of 1000 per resource type. TODO: this class should either not need to know about configapi.MasterConfig, or not be in pkg/util

func NewSimpleGetter

func NewSimpleGetter(storage *storagebackend.Config) Getter

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