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func CreateMessage

func CreateMessage(labels map[string]string) string

func NewPrintErrorAfter

func NewPrintErrorAfter(errs io.Writer, prefixForError PrefixForError) func(*unstructured.Unstructured, error) bool

func NoOp


type AfterFunc

type AfterFunc func(*unstructured.Unstructured, error) bool

AfterFunc takes an info and an error, and returns true if processing should stop.

func HaltOnError

func HaltOnError(fn AfterFunc) AfterFunc

func NewPrintNameOrErrorAfterIndent

func NewPrintNameOrErrorAfterIndent(short bool, operation string, out, errs io.Writer, dryRun bool, indent string, prefixForError PrefixForError) AfterFunc

type Bulk

type Bulk struct {
	Scheme *runtime.Scheme

	Op          OpFunc
	After       AfterFunc
	Retry       RetryFunc
	IgnoreError IgnoreErrorFunc

Bulk provides helpers for iterating over a list of items

func (*Bulk) Run

func (b *Bulk) Run(list *kapi.List, namespace string) []error

Run attempts to create each item generically, gathering all errors in the event a failure occurs. The contents of list will be updated to include the version from the server. For now, run will do a conversion from internal or versioned, to version, then to unstructured.

type BulkAction

type BulkAction struct {
	// required setup
	Bulk Bulk

	// flags
	Output      string
	DryRun      bool
	StopOnError bool

	// output modifiers
	Action string


func (*BulkAction) BindForAction

func (b *BulkAction) BindForAction(flags *pflag.FlagSet)

BindForAction sets flags on this action for when setting -o should only change how the operation results are displayed. Passing -o is changing the default output format.

func (*BulkAction) BindForOutput

func (b *BulkAction) BindForOutput(flags *pflag.FlagSet, skippedFlags ...string)

BindForOutput sets flags on this action for when setting -o will not execute the action (the point of the action is primarily to generate the output). Passing -o is asking for output, not execution.

func (*BulkAction) Compact

func (b *BulkAction) Compact()

Compact sets the output to a minimal set

func (*BulkAction) DefaultIndent

func (b *BulkAction) DefaultIndent() string

func (*BulkAction) Run

func (b *BulkAction) Run(list *kapi.List, namespace string) []error

func (*BulkAction) ShouldPrint

func (b *BulkAction) ShouldPrint() bool

ShouldPrint returns true if an external printer should handle this action instead of execution.

func (*BulkAction) Verbose

func (b *BulkAction) Verbose() bool

func (BulkAction) WithMessage

func (b BulkAction) WithMessage(action, individual string) Runner

func (BulkAction) WithMessageAndPrefix

func (b BulkAction) WithMessageAndPrefix(action, individual string, prefixForError PrefixForError) Runner

type Creator

type Creator struct {
	Client     dynamic.Interface
	RESTMapper meta.RESTMapper

func (Creator) Create

func (c Creator) Create(obj *unstructured.Unstructured, namespace string) (*unstructured.Unstructured, error)

Create is the default create operation for a generic resource.

type IgnoreErrorFunc

type IgnoreErrorFunc func(e error) bool

IgnoreErrorFunc provides a way to filter errors during the Bulk.Run. If this function returns true the error will NOT be added to the slice of errors returned by Bulk.Run.

This may be used in conjunction with BulkAction.WithMessageAndPrefix if you are reporting some errors as warnings.

type OpFunc

type OpFunc func(obj *unstructured.Unstructured, namespace string) (*unstructured.Unstructured, error)

OpFunc takes the provided info and attempts to perform the operation

type PrefixForError

type PrefixForError func(e error) string

PrefixForError allows customization of the prefix that will be printed for any error that occurs in the BulkAction.

type RetryFunc

type RetryFunc func(obj *unstructured.Unstructured, err error) *unstructured.Unstructured

RetryFunc can retry the operation a single time by returning a non-nil object. TODO: make this a more general retry "loop" function rather than one time.

type Runner

type Runner interface {
	Run(list *kapi.List, namespace string) []error

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