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func InitializeImportCollector

func InitializeImportCollector(
	scheduled bool,
	cbCollectISCounts QueuedImageStreamFetcher,

InitializeImportCollector is supposed to be called by image import controllers when they are prepared to serve requests. Once all the controllers register their callbacks, the collector registers the metrics with the prometheus.


type ImportErrorCounts

type ImportErrorCounts map[ImportErrorInfo]uint64

ImportErrorCounts serves as a container of counters for the error_count metric.

type ImportErrorInfo

type ImportErrorInfo struct {
	Registry string
	Reason   string

ImportErrorInfo contains dimensions of metricErrorCount

type ImportSuccessCounts

type ImportSuccessCounts map[string]uint64

ImportSuccessCounts maps registry hostname (with port) to the count of successful imports. It serves as a container of counters for the success_count metric.

type QueuedImageStreamFetcher

type QueuedImageStreamFetcher func() (ImportSuccessCounts, ImportErrorCounts, error)

QueuedImageStreamFetcher is a callback passed to the importStatusCollector that is supposed to be invoked by image import controller with the current state of counters.

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