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func NewCmdMigrateImageReferences

func NewCmdMigrateImageReferences(name, fullName string, f kcmdutil.Factory, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command

NewCmdMigrateImageReferences implements a MigrateImages command


type ImageReferenceMapping

type ImageReferenceMapping struct {
	FromRegistry string
	FromName     string
	ToRegistry   string
	ToName       string

ImageReferenceMapping represents a transformation of an image reference.

func ParseMapping

func ParseMapping(s string) (ImageReferenceMapping, error)

ParseMapping converts a string in the form "(REGISTRY|*)/(NAME|*)" to an ImageReferenceMapping or returns a user-facing error. REGISTRY is the image registry value (hostname) or "". NAME is the full repository name (the path relative to the registry root). TODO: handle v2 repository names, which can have multiple segments (must fix


type ImageReferenceMappings

type ImageReferenceMappings []ImageReferenceMapping

ImageReferenceMappings provide a convenience method for transforming an input reference

func (ImageReferenceMappings) MapDockerAuthKey

func (m ImageReferenceMappings) MapDockerAuthKey(in string) string

MapDockerAuthKey transforms the provided Docker Config host key if any mapping matches the input. If the reference cannot be parsed, it will not be modified.

func (ImageReferenceMappings) MapReference

func (m ImageReferenceMappings) MapReference(in string) string

MapReference transforms the provided Docker image reference if any mapping matches the input. If the reference cannot be parsed, it will not be modified.

type MigrateImageReferenceOptions

type MigrateImageReferenceOptions struct {

	Client          imagev1typedclient.ImageStreamsGetter
	Mappings        ImageReferenceMappings
	UpdatePodSpecFn polymorphichelpers.UpdatePodSpecForObjectFunc

func NewMigrateImageReferenceOptions

func NewMigrateImageReferenceOptions(streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *MigrateImageReferenceOptions

func (*MigrateImageReferenceOptions) Complete

func (MigrateImageReferenceOptions) Run

func (MigrateImageReferenceOptions) Validate

func (o MigrateImageReferenceOptions) Validate() error

type TransformImageFunc

type TransformImageFunc func(in string) string

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