Package image implements evaluators of usage for imagestreams and images. They are supposed to be passed to resource quota controller and origin resource quota admission plugin.



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func NewImageStreamImportEvaluator

func NewImageStreamImportEvaluator(store imagev1lister.ImageStreamLister) kquota.Evaluator

NewImageStreamImportEvaluator computes resource usage for ImageStreamImport objects. This particular kind is a virtual resource. It depends on ImageStream usage evaluator to compute image numbers before the the admission can work.

func NewImageStreamTagEvaluator

func NewImageStreamTagEvaluator(store imagev1lister.ImageStreamLister, istGetter imagev1typedclient.ImageStreamTagsGetter) kquota.Evaluator

NewImageStreamTagEvaluator computes resource usage of ImageStreamsTags. Its sole purpose is to handle UPDATE admission operations on imageStreamTags resource.

func NewReplenishmentEvaluators

NewEvaluators returns the list of static evaluators that manage more than counts

func NewReplenishmentEvaluatorsForAdmission

func NewReplenishmentEvaluatorsForAdmission(isInformer imagev1informer.ImageStreamInformer, imageClient imagev1typedclient.ImageStreamTagsGetter) []quota.Evaluator

NewImageQuotaRegistryForAdmission returns a registry for quota evaluation of OpenShift resources related to images in internal registry. It evaluates only image streams and related virtual resources that can cause a creation of new image stream objects. This is different that is used for reconciliation because admission has to check all forms of a resource (legacy and groupified), but reconciliation only has to check one.


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