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Published: Dec 19, 2018 License: MIT


Zipkin tracing using OpenTracing API

This directory contains a super simple command line client and two HTTP services which are instrumented using the OpenTracing API using the zipkin-go-opentracing tracer.

The code is a quick hack to solely demonstrate the usage of OpenTracing with a Zipkin backend.

note: the examples will only compile with Go 1.7 or higher


Build svc1, svc2 and cli with make and start both compiled services found in the newly created build subdirectory.

When you call the cli program it will trigger two calls to svc1 of which one call will be proxied from svc1 over to svc2 to handle the method and by that generating a couple of spans across services.

Methods have been instrumented with some examples of OpenTracing Tags which will be transformed into Zipkin binary annotations and OpenTracing LogEvents which will be transformed into Zipkin annotations.

The most interesting piece of code is found in examples/middleware which is kind of the missing link for people looking for a tracing framework. I advise you to seriously look into using Go kit and use its abstractions and OpenTracing middleware with which this Tracer is fully compatible, instead of rolling your own. If you still want to roll your own you can use examples/middleware as a starting point.


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