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Package controller provides functions for creating and registering a Helm controller with a `controller-runtime` manager. It also provides a Helm reconciler implementation that can be used to create a Helm-based operator.



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func Add

func Add(mgr manager.Manager, options WatchOptions) error

Add creates a new helm operator controller and adds it to the manager


type HelmOperatorReconciler

type HelmOperatorReconciler struct {
	Client          client.Client
	EventRecorder   record.EventRecorder
	GVK             schema.GroupVersionKind
	ManagerFactory  release.ManagerFactory
	ReconcilePeriod time.Duration
	OverrideValues  map[string]string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HelmOperatorReconciler reconciles custom resources as Helm releases.

func (HelmOperatorReconciler) Reconcile

type ReleaseHookFunc added in v0.4.0

type ReleaseHookFunc func(*rpb.Release) error

ReleaseHookFunc defines a function signature for release hooks.

type WatchOptions

type WatchOptions struct {
	Namespace               string
	GVK                     schema.GroupVersionKind
	ManagerFactory          release.ManagerFactory
	ReconcilePeriod         time.Duration
	WatchDependentResources bool
	OverrideValues          map[string]string
	MaxWorkers              int

WatchOptions contains the necessary values to create a new controller that manages helm releases in a particular namespace based on a GVK watch.

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