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func HandleUserMetric added in v1.17.0

func HandleUserMetric(r prometheus.Registerer, metricSpec UserMetric) error

func ReconcileFailed

func ReconcileFailed(gvk string)

func ReconcileSucceeded

func ReconcileSucceeded(gvk string)

func ReconcileTimer

func ReconcileTimer(gvk string) *prometheus.Timer

func RegisterBuildInfo added in v1.3.0

func RegisterBuildInfo(r prometheus.Registerer)


type UserMetric added in v1.17.0

type UserMetric struct {
	Name      string               `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
	Help      string               `json:"description" yaml:"description"`
	Counter   *UserMetricCounter   `json:"counter,omitempty" yaml:"counter,omitempty"`
	Gauge     *UserMetricGauge     `json:"gauge,omitempty" yaml:"gauge,omitempty"`
	Histogram *UserMetricHistogram `json:"histogram,omitempty" yaml:"histogram,omitempty"`
	Summary   *UserMetricSummary   `json:"summary,omitempty" yaml:"summary,omitempty"`

type UserMetricCounter added in v1.17.0

type UserMetricCounter struct {
	Inc bool    `json:"increment,omitempty" yaml:"increment,omitempty"`
	Add float64 `json:"add,omitempty" yaml:"add,omitempty"`

type UserMetricGauge added in v1.17.0

type UserMetricGauge struct {
	Set              float64 `json:"set,omitempty" yaml:"set,omitempty"`
	Inc              bool    `json:"increment,omitempty" yaml:"increment,omitempty"`
	Dec              bool    `json:"decrement,omitempty" yaml:"decrement,omitempty"`
	SetToCurrentTime bool    `json:"set_to_current_time,omitempty" yaml:"set_to_current_time,omitempty"`
	Add              float64 `json:"add,omitempty" yaml:"add,omitempty"`
	Sub              float64 `json:"subtract,omitempty" yaml:"subtract,omitempty"`

type UserMetricHistogram added in v1.17.0

type UserMetricHistogram struct {
	Observe float64 `json:"observe,omitempty" yaml:"observe,omitempty"`

type UserMetricSummary added in v1.17.0

type UserMetricSummary struct {
	Observe float64 `json:"observe,omitempty" yaml:"observe,omitempty"`

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