Package tracing provides helpers for dealing with Open Tracing and Distributed Tracing.



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    const (
    	// BCryptHashOpName is the operation name for bcrypt hashing operations.
    	BCryptHashOpName = "bcrypt.hash"
    	// BCryptCompareOpName is the operation name for bcrypt comparation operations.
    	BCryptCompareOpName = ""
    	// BCryptWorkFactorTagName is the operation name for bcrypt workfactor settings.
    	BCryptWorkFactorTagName = "bcrypt.workfactor"


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    type Config

    type Config struct {
    	ServiceName string
    	Provider    string
    	Jaeger      *JaegerConfig
    	Zipkin      *ZipkinConfig

    type JaegerConfig

    type JaegerConfig struct {
    	LocalAgentHostPort string
    	SamplerType        string
    	SamplerValue       float64
    	SamplerServerURL   string
    	Propagation        string

      JaegerConfig encapsulates jaeger's configuration.

      type TracedBCrypt

      type TracedBCrypt struct {
      	WorkFactor int

        TracedBCrypt implements the Hasher interface.

        func (*TracedBCrypt) Compare

        func (b *TracedBCrypt) Compare(ctx context.Context, hash, data []byte) error

          Compare returns nil if hash and data match.

          func (*TracedBCrypt) Hash

          func (b *TracedBCrypt) Hash(ctx context.Context, data []byte) ([]byte, error)

            Hash returns the hashed string or an error.

            type Tracer

            type Tracer struct {
            	Config *Config
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              Tracer encapsulates tracing abilities.

              func New

              func New(l *logrusx.Logger, c *Config) (*Tracer, error)

              func (*Tracer) Close

              func (t *Tracer) Close()

                Close closes the tracer.

                func (*Tracer) IsLoaded

                func (t *Tracer) IsLoaded() bool

                  IsLoaded returns true if the tracer has been loaded.

                  func (*Tracer) ServeHTTP

                  func (t *Tracer) ServeHTTP(rw http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, next http.HandlerFunc)

                  func (*Tracer) Tracer

                  func (t *Tracer) Tracer() opentracing.Tracer

                    Tracer returns the wrapped tracer

                    type ZipkinConfig

                    type ZipkinConfig struct {
                    	ServerURL string

                      ZipkinConfig encapsulates zipkin's configuration.