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type EQFSHookContext

type EQFSHookContext struct {
	Path string

implements hookfs.HookContext

type FilesystemInspector

type FilesystemInspector struct {
	OrchestratorURL string
	EntityID        string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

implements hookfs.Hook

func (*FilesystemInspector) Init

func (this *FilesystemInspector) Init() error

implements hookfs.HookWithInit

func (*FilesystemInspector) PostFsync

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PostFsync(realRetCode int32, ctx hookfs.HookContext) (error, bool)

implements hookfs.HookOnFsync

func (*FilesystemInspector) PostMkdir

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PostMkdir(realRetCode int32, ctx hookfs.HookContext) (error, bool)

implements hookfs.HookOnMkdir

func (*FilesystemInspector) PostOpenDir

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PostOpenDir(realRetCode int32, ctx hookfs.HookContext) (error, bool)

implements hookfs.HookOnOpenDir

func (*FilesystemInspector) PostRead

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PostRead(realRetCode int32, realBuf []byte, ctx hookfs.HookContext) ([]byte, error, bool)

implements hookfs.HookOnRead

func (*FilesystemInspector) PostRmdir

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PostRmdir(realRetCode int32, ctx hookfs.HookContext) (error, bool)

implements hookfs.HookOnRmdir

func (*FilesystemInspector) PreFsync

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PreFsync(path string, flags uint32) (error, bool, hookfs.HookContext)

implements hookfs.HookOnFsync

func (*FilesystemInspector) PreMkdir

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PreMkdir(path string, mode uint32) (error, bool, hookfs.HookContext)

implements hookfs.HookOnMkdir

func (*FilesystemInspector) PreOpenDir

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PreOpenDir(path string) (error, bool, hookfs.HookContext)

implements hookfs.HookOnOpenDir

func (*FilesystemInspector) PreRead

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PreRead(path string, length int64, offset int64) ([]byte, error, bool, hookfs.HookContext)

implements hookfs.HookOnRead

func (*FilesystemInspector) PreRmdir

func (this *FilesystemInspector) PreRmdir(path string) (error, bool, hookfs.HookContext)

implements hookfs.HookOnRmdir

func (*FilesystemInspector) String

func (this *FilesystemInspector) String() string

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