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Ostent collects system metrics to display and relay to

  • Graphite
  • InfluxDB
  • Librato

The interactive UI (demo):


The metrics collected and exported:

  • RAM, swap usage
  • CPU usage, load average
  • Disk space usage in bytes and inodes
  • Network ins and outs in bytes, packets, drops and errors

The processes top is on-display only.

The exporting is kept on par with collectd reporting, although the metrics naming is slightly different.


Ostent is a single executable. Release tarball has the binary — download and extract in one go:

tar Jxf - <<<$(curl -L https://github.com/ostrost/ostent/releases/download/v0.6.1/`uname`-`uname -m`.tar.xz)

This will place executable in ./usr/**/bin/ostent. For system-wide install use sudo tar Jxf - -C / <<<....


  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Mac OS X


To continuously export collected metrics, use --graphite, --influxdb and/or --librato.
Use multiple flags and/or use comma separated endpoints for the same kind. E.g.:
      --librato \?email=EMAIL\&token=TOKEN
ostent -h lists supported parameters and defaults.

  -b, --bind address            Bind address (default :8050)
      --graphite endpoints      Graphite exporting endpoints
      --influxdb endpoints      InfluxDB exporting endpoints
      --librato parameters      Librato exporting parameters
      --max-delay delay         Maximum for display delay (default 10m)
  -d, --min-delay delay         Collection and display minimum delay (default 1s)
      --version                 Print version and exit

Running the code

  1. go get github.com/ostrost/ostent
  2. ostent to run.

See also Two kind of builds.

  1. cd $(go list -f {{.Dir}} github.com/ostrost/ostent)
  2. make init once.
  3. npm install once, optional, sets up assets and template rebuilding.
  4. gulp watch or make after changes.

make rebuilds these commited to the repo files:

  • share/assets/bindata.*.go
  • share/assets/css/*.css
  • share/assets/js/*/*.js
  • share/templates/*.html
  • share/templates/bindata.*.go
  • share/js/*.jsx

If you don't change source files, content re-generated should not differ from the commited.

gulp watch

  • watches share/{js,style,templatesorigin} and rebuilds dependants on changes
  • does live-reloading ostent code run
  • acceps all ostent flags e.g. gulp watch -b
Two kinds of builds

Standalone and release binaries produced by make (or go get -tags bin) include embeded template and assets.

Non-bin builds made by gulp watch and go get

  • serve assets and use template from actual files
  • have a set of flags facilitating debugging etc.


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Path Synopsis
Package ostent is the library part of ostent cmd.
Package ostent is the library part of ostent cmd.
Package system operates with system metrics data.
Package system operates with system metrics data.
Package templateutil features LazyTemplate and TemplateWriter.
Package templateutil features LazyTemplate and TemplateWriter.

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