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func Server

func Server(opts ...Option) (*ldap.Server, error)

Server initializes the ldap service and server.


type Handler

type Handler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Handler implements the handlers for LDAP Requests

func (*Handler) Abandon

func (h *Handler) Abandon(w ldap.ResponseWriter, m *ldap.Request)

Abandon tries to Abandon the given request

func (*Handler) Bind

func (h *Handler) Bind(w ldap.ResponseWriter, m *ldap.Request)

Bind authenticates using user and password the password is taken from a `userpassword` property, which is non standard

func (*Handler) Extended

func (h *Handler) Extended(w ldap.ResponseWriter, m *ldap.Request)

Extended handles extended requests

func (*Handler) NotFound

func (h *Handler) NotFound(w ldap.ResponseWriter, r *ldap.Request)

NotFound returns success for a bind request, unwilling to perform otherwise

func (*Handler) Search

func (h *Handler) Search(w ldap.ResponseWriter, m *ldap.Request)

Search looks up nodes and attributes in the tree

func (*Handler) WhoAmI

func (h *Handler) WhoAmI(w ldap.ResponseWriter, m *ldap.Request)

WhoAmI TODO return the currently logged in user

type Option

type Option func(o *Options)

Option defines a single option function.

func Config

func Config(val *config.Config) Option

Config provides a function to set the config option.

func Context

func Context(val context.Context) Option

Context provides a function to set the context option.

func Logger

func Logger(val log.Logger) Option

Logger provides a function to set the logger option.

type Options

type Options struct {
	Logger  log.Logger
	Context context.Context
	Config  *config.Config

Options defines the available options for this package.

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