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var F, E, W, I, D, T log.LevelPrinter = log.GetLogPrinterSet(subsystem)


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type Command

type Command struct {
	Name          string
	Description   string
	Documentation string
	Entrypoint    func(c interface{}) error
	Commands      Commands
	Colorizer     func(a ...interface{}) string
	AppText       string
	Parent        *Command

Command is a specification for a command and can include any number of subcommands

type Commands

type Commands []Command

Commands are a slice of Command entries

func (Commands) Find

func (c Commands) Find(name string, hereDepth, hereDist int) (found bool, depth, dist int, cm *Command, e error)

Find the Command you are looking for. Note that the namespace is assumed to be flat, no duplicated names on different levels, as it returns on the first one it finds, which goes depth-first recursive

func (Commands) ForEach

func (c Commands) ForEach(fn func(Command) bool, hereDepth, hereDist int) (ret bool, depth, dist int, e error)

func (Commands) GetAllCommands

func (c Commands) GetAllCommands() (o []string)

GetAllCommands returns all of the available command names

func (Commands) PopulateParents added in v0.0.14

func (c Commands) PopulateParents(parent *Command)

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